Thursday, May 12, 2016

Making Bak Changs (Rice Dumplings) 自己动手包粽子


Preparing for our annual Dragonboat Festival, it's time to make the traditional rice dumplings.

On Wednesday, I spent half a day making nonya pork bak changs and vegetarian bak changs with a group of homemakers who are avid cooks. Those who did not know how to make rice dumplings were eager to learn from the experts.


The night before, a sister cooked the nonya fillings and fried the glutinous rice. The next morning, a few of us wrapped the rice dumplings and boiled them.

There are several ladies who are vegetarians, so we made a meatless peanut and chestnut filling.


We shared the cost of the ingredients, and each of us received 3 rice dumplings. I prefer the fragrant nonya rice dumplings :)

又到了一年一度的端午节, 每年这个时候,吃粽子是传统习俗, 我们几个女生们都会忙于包粽子。今年, 不会包粽子的姐妹们跃跃欲试, 要学包粽子。

包粽子前一天有一个大姐去买粽料、炒料, 糯米也提早一晚泡。第二天早上, 大家手忙不停地洗粽葉、包粽子、煮粽。在包粽子能手的教学下,新手们都学得兴致高昂。虽然粽子包得不太漂亮, 好吃就好!

与这班爱烹饪的发烧友一起包的粽子有娘惹猪肉粽子, 还有素花生和栗子粽子。我还是比较喜欢吃娘惹粽子。

我们共同分摊材料的费用, 每个人都分到3粒粽子。

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