Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Peach Gum Nourishing Beauty Tonic 桃胶糖水滋阴养顏

When I was in China six months ago, a Chinese official's wife served me a bowl of dessert that she claimed is good for my complexion. It has some gelatine-like stuff double boiled with some wolfberries, white fungus, dried longans and rock sugar. I thought it was bird's nest tonic soup but it was a vegetarian dessert.

She revealed that the gelatine-like stuff is peach gum which is an edible gum. It is a resin that is exuded from the bark of the peach tree. It comes in crystal form looking like amber crystals.

She gave me some peach gum to cook at home. I have been cooking and experimenting with it for the past two months. My son loves to drink this dessert, so I make a big pot of peach gum dessert once a week and chill it in bottles for him in the fridge. Peach gum is tasteless, so I have to pair it with various ingredients so as to come up with a refreshing and yummy taste.

Benefits of  Peach Gum :
- contains collagen for firmer skin and less wrinkles
- rejuvenates your skin
- cleanse your blood and build up your immune system, removing cholesterol and balancing the pH in the body

Peach Gum Nourishing Beauty Tonic

Ingredients :
50 g peach gum
2 litres water or red date and longan drink
rock sugar (according to your taste)
20 g white fungus (optional)
2 slices of ginger (optional)

Red date and longan drink
10 dried red dates
20 dried longans

1.   Soaked two tablespoons of peach gum in water overnight. Soak for at least 18 hours or more. It will expand to 10 times its size.

You will see impurities (small pieces of bark or specks of black stuff), just remove them and rinse the jelly-like peach gum until it is sufficiently clean. Drain the water and leave aside.

2.  Rinse dried red dates and longans before putting them into a pot and boil for 30 minutes. Filter and set aside the drink.

3.  Pour in 2 litres of water or the red date and longan drink. Add the soaked peach gum, ginger (optional) and rock sugar. Double boiled for two hours.

4.   Let it cool for a while before serving. You may leave it in the fridge for a chilled dessert.

Peach Gum Nourishing Beauty Drink

Peach Gum and Papaya Nourishing Beauty Tonic

Peach Gum and Apple Nourishing Beauty Tonic 

Nourishing peach gum dessert with red dates, longans and white fungus  

大陆朋友半年前介绍我吃桃胶。桃胶是桃树树干上分泌出来的一种胶状物质, 含有非常丰富的植物性胶原蛋白,具嫩滑肌肤及增加皮肤弹性之效,能通血脂降胆固醇。炖汤饮用更是滋阴、润喉兼养颜!

儿子很爱喝, 我每周都会煮一大锅,然后倒在瓶子里,放冰箱保存。可以放一个星期不会有问题。每次吃的时候倒出一小碗或一小杯子即可。桃胶最好不要用明火煮太久,否则会溶。特别适合炖汤,可以保存独特弹牙囗感。

中医说 : "桃胶属于凉性食物,对孕妇来说食少量桃胶是有好处的,但是桃胶具有活血功能,在孕期是绝对不能接触的。"


桃胶本身没有味道, 在烹调桃胶时, 我设法加入一些不同食材配搭, 增加味道、囗感。


  1. haha..... we have more interesting food.... some people might find the food weird.