Friday, September 30, 2016

YMCA Silver Fiesta 2016 @Toa Payoh Hub YMCA银发乐龄2016年嘉年华活动

Experienced a fun and hilarious bus ride on the way to a morning breakfast gathering with a group of Hainanese at Kim Keat Palms. We boarded the wrong shuttle bus (number 235) and went "eat wind" (for a ride), causing us to be late for half an hour. hahaha....

On a positive note, we found some interesting places on the long ride. And to reward us for being present : good food and good company which cheered us up tremendously.

After a sumptuous breakfast, I boarded shuttle bus number 238 to Toa Payoh Central to support my Teochew sisters who were performing Teochew opera excerpts at YMCA Silver Fiesta 2016 @Toa Payoh Hub.

Before their performance commenced, I went round to mingle with our seniors and check out the activities. There were quite a number of young volunteers looking after the senior citizens and keeping them company at some activities.

This senior citizen wowed the audience with her rendition of English oldies. I was impressed with her guitar playing.

There were some game stalls and craft-making classes for participants. Some participants tried their hands at bead crafting with the help of young volunteers.

I'm pretty impressed with the art pieces made by them. They get to keep their artworks.

There was a photo booth and a long queue has formed in front of it. The seniors love to take pictures. When I pointed my camera at some of them, they gave me their most beautiful smiles.  :)

The participants were having fun and enjoying themselves. Many collected some cute prizes and door gifts. A pity I could not stay long as I had to leave for another appointment after the Teochew opera performance.

今早与海南乡亲们在大巴窑7巷小贩中心一起吃早餐后, 就去大巴窑中心支持我的潮州姐妹们。她们在YMCA银发乐龄2016年嘉年华活动中, 表演了一段潮剧《穆贵英招亲》。

嘉年华现场还提供乐龄文康休闲活动, 他们可以免费参加许多趣味性游戏或学做手工, 还有礼物拿。我很高兴看到好多青年志愿者细心照顾、陪伴乐龄人士们玩游戏。大家都相处得很愉快, 玩得开心。

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