Saturday, November 04, 2006

Red-light district Geylang

In every city, there is a red-light district. Geylang is a well-known for its prostitution trade. You may be curious, you may hesitate, you may find it familiar but you might not want to try it.

I got in touch with a contact who is counselling these girls in Geylang. Bringing Jaymes with me, I brought him to see the dark side of Singapore. Let me introduce you to this flourishing flesh market in Singapore.

My contact, let's call him Seng, said," In Geylang, there are hundreds of prostitutes, many are young China girls. There are also women from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Russian, Philippines, Cambodia selling their bodies here.

They work from 7 pm t0 7 am. They earn an impressive S$1000 to S$1500 per day. Some can earn up to S$60,000 of fast money in a month! "

Wah, no wonder the foreign hookers like to flock to Singapore! Can earn big money in such a short time! There is such a huge demand in Singapore for sex providers? Singapore men are so sex starved? Singapore women are too frigid or not good in bed that the men need to turn to pros? This is one industry in Singapore that has so many job vacancies that 'employs' mainly 'foreign talents'. Many of these sex workers are illegal.

There are licensed sex workers in Singapore too. They work in licensed prostitution dens which can be easily identified because they hang red lanterns at its entrance.

There are local prostitution rings here. They have contact with those in China & Indonesia etc. Their girls will stay for 28 days, taking their menstrual cycles into consideration, they do their utmost to make their short stay worthwhile.

Seng drove us through several lanes in Geylang where you could see many scantily-dressed women standing along the walkways, calling out to the many men who were selecting their 'goods'. Some were quite young, in their teens or early twenties, and some were pretty and have good figures. Some were so old and fat, my god, who would want to do them? There were lots of men - foreign workers, young & old men in office attire, elderly men.....

Once they chose their sex partners, they would disappear into one of the myraids of budget hotels located all over Geylang. S$20 for 4 hours of use.

Seng brought us to an apartment where we could observe the dealings from upstairs. More men came to buy for sex as the evening got darker. Some were alone, some came in small groups of 3 or more.

It was noisy as they haggled over the prices. I could hear most of what they said from where I was. The Indian hookers charge from S$30 to S$50 for a session. They can go down to S$20 sometimes. They usually service the foreign workers from India or Bangladesh.

The prices for the China women vary. A young, pretty one would get S$80 to S$100. The older ones charge from S$40. Seng said some over 40s China women are willing to charge S$10 for students. Eeeewww, won't it be like doing your mother?

I then made Jaymes walk down the street. Let's see what happens when Jaymes walks along a street lined with hookers. See my next post.


  1. Is there any adult video in Geylang Redlight district

  2. For sale? Probably yes, by the illegal hawkers. But it is illegal to sell or posses adult videos in Singapore. Don't take the risk.

  3. Hey miss...... is it true that most of the chinese women who work in geylang are having small babies back in china

  4. funny i was told this by a woman who is running a coffee shop in geylang for past 20 years...she told me many women were married and some had babies their bfs left them etc so they come here to work as pros..i dunno what the truth is anyway,guess i ll go and ask the women themselves heheh ECL u can check my blogs they are funny hehehe

  5. Don't abuse the women! haha....

    Not true. Many of those women from China looks old and definitely have kids, not babies. They have lots of sob sob stories.

  6. I was in Singapore last year and went to Geylang. Out there I hired 3 girls and spent about 2 hours in a hotel room. They were really good. One of the ladies had given birth 3 months ago so I had a giood drnk of her milk. I will be there again to enjoy the women in Geylang.

  7. Bold lady! I worked as the condom lady here in Honolulu and had good relations with the girls who trusted me.
    Interesting world. I received offers from men while talking to the girls, but never accepted :).

    Now you know more about me. I found your post professionally interesting.

    ALOHA from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3
    > < } } ( ° >
    > < 3 3 3 ( ' >

  8. This is a very sad but true reality in just about any city. Where there is demand, there is going to be a business venture of some sort. Prostitutes want money and the clients want satisfaction. Men for whatever reason seem to feel the need to have sexual interactions with strangers. Quite possibly it is about the risk, the non-connection, or even just the different variety. There is a saying about men that pay prostitutes..You pay them to leave not to stay~