Sunday, November 05, 2006

Jaymes' encounter with Geylang hookers

Jaymes protested vehemently when I told him to do the experiment. He felt awkward and was worried that the hookers would drag him to a hotel. Seng assured him that he would be following closely behind.

I made Jaymes wear a school uniform (not his school's) and carry a backpack. I hid a recorder in his pocket. Jaymes was breaking into cold sweat. I pushed him out of the door.

From the apartment above, I could see Jaymes walking slowly down the busy street. He would sometimes look up at me. I was hiding behind the curtains.

From the moment he walked onto the street, the women noticed him & some went up to him. The women either grabbed his arms or embraced him. You could see Jaymes cringed in discomfort. hahaha....

He was shaking his head a lot. And he tried to pull his arms away from their grip or push them away from him. All the women spoke to him, & then some let go of his arm and turned their attention to others. Some clinged on to him, trying to persuade him. You could see Jaymes struggling to break free from their clutches. When he finally left one, he would immediately be pounced upon by others.

It looked like it was going to be a long journey down this short street for Jaymes. It went on for a good 15 minutes. I could sense that Jaymes was getting worried that he might not be able to get to the end of the street. He was getting desperate & began to quicken his steps.

Suddenly he was accosted by an older Chinese woman. She was plump & dressed in a tight tube & mini skirt. She held his left hand & started talking animatedly to him. Jaymes tried to pull his hand away. He shook his head several times and tried to walk off. She grabbed his arm with both hands as she continued talking. She started pulling him to one side.

Feeling panicky, Jaymes looked up to me for help, he seemed to be pleading. He was frightened. I was prepared to rush down when Seng approached the woman. He spoke to her and she released her grip on Jaymes. She was cursing loudly in Mandarin. Ah, a China woman. (From her accent.)

Seng put his arm around Jaymes and brought him back safely upstairs.

When Jaymes entered the apartment, he was pretty shaken. He looked plae. He was drenched in his own pespiration. "What!? You looked like you've been raped!" I exclaimed.

He glared at me & slumped down on the sofa. Seng got him a drink while I removed the recorder from his pocket. I rewind the tape & listened to the conversations that took place earlier. I was particularly interested in what the older China woman said to him.

Below is a translation of the conversation.

Woman : Hello. Little handsome boy, looking for some fun? Let me play with you!
Jaymes : No. No.
Woman : Aiya, don't be shy. I teach you some new tricks so you can impress your girlfriend.
Jaymes : No. Don't want.
Woman : Come! Come! I'm very experienced. How much money do you have?
Jaymes : Don't want. I have no money.
Woman : Don't bluff me. You come here to have fun but have no money? I give you special price. Guaranteed you will be very happy with my service.
Jaymes : Don't want! I'm going home for dinner.
Woman : OK. OK. S$10. S$10. OK? Come to my room. Come. Come. Come.
Jaymes : No! No! No! I have no money! No! (sounding hysterical. hahaha.... )
Woman : Come! I will give you such good service that you will come back again. Try lah!
(Seng stepped in at this juncture.)

Jaymes is going to have a nightmare tonight. hahaha..... And he said I'm a sick mother. muahahaha........


  1. It's good that you have such an "innocent" son... :) At least he knows how to stay away from them. How old is he anyway?

  2. Jaymes is only 15.
    He now knows these women are not to be touched. He scrubbed himself with almost a whole bottle of Dethol when we returned home that night. hahaha....

    He still has that Dethol smell....

  3. Good way to educate him. :) Better than him finding out for himself behind your back. That can be really scary... But it's good that you brought up a good boy. :)

  4. haha u r a brave mum to have put your son out to experience how's it like to be walking down the redlight district... ;)

  5. Hello from Peru! Thanks for visiting my blog. Regarding your question: well, those sculptures are not located in Peru but in many places of the world. And about writing in english... sorry but for now it won't be possible. Thanks for the visit again. BTW, nice blog!

  6. I found your story both shocking and amusing. Some parents would be horrified at what you did; however I suppose you taught him an interesting lesson.

  7. Hi everyone! Thanks for your comments.

    Many friends expressed shock at what I did, but it was a good lesson for my son. I don't know if he would go to a pro for sex but at this moment, he said he is traumatised by this incidence.

    Rather than have him trying behind my back, this did indeed kill his curiousity about prostitutes.

    I did this because he was telling me his classmates went to a pro for S$10 in Geylang. These kids are only 15 or 16 years old.

    This easily available and cheap sex are affecting our young men. I want the government to do something about it.

  8. And someone chided me for putting my blog entry of a similar genre here. You are even bolder than me - putting your own son through the experience. LOL.

  9. you sound like a fun mum every kid desires to have. How unconventional... Hahahaha...

  10. Eastcoastlife, how come after your moderation and approval, all my comments appeared in your blog to be from "anonymous" even though I have signed in? In any case, your blog was supposed to disallow anonymous comments.

    Just being curious, is the last comment (time 12:20AM) from one of the us, the "fun guys"? - Victor Koo.

  11. One more thing I am curious about but was too afraid, I mean forgot to ask - how could mum be sure that the boy was behaving (literally) that way because he knew that mum was secretly watching and would play back the tape when he got home? I mean it looks like this test was conducted in 'laboratory conditions' where the results might not be very accurate? Just a thought.

  12. Victor,
    Why don't you take on this experiment with me watching from the apartment?

    You can listen to the tape, his voice was practically shaking. My friend was a witness. How can you doubt an innocent young man? Better still, let's get your son to do it.

    Yeah, 12.20am is one of your fun guys. The ‘a**' one.

    I switched my blogger to the new version & it become like this.

  13. Ah, if I were to take this experiment, my voice may be shaking... but in anticipation and excitement, hahaha.

    Oh yes, the 'a**' one. He was the one concerned about the possible psychological effects of your little experiment on your boy, i.e. will he develop a phobia of sex later on in life when he's married and supposed to enjoy sex with his wife? You've got to be wary of any possible side effects too, you know?

    Oh yes, I remember now. The anonymous thingy happened to my blog too when I changed over to Beta blog version several weeks ago. Now its ok. Yours too.

  14. from the previous page. i sort of wish you were my mother.

  15. what do you think of 12 year olds masturbating? please let me know.

  16. Bob. I'm not a guy btw (what!? :P)
    awww.... different Moms have different ways of thinking. To some children, they think I'm a weird Mom. hehe...

    12 years old!? So young! I think he's too young to be doing it.

  17. actually I'm 37 years old and have 2 kids. are you aware that what you are doing could perminatly scare your child what is wrong with you!