Monday, August 30, 2010

Sands SkyPark for the best views of Singapore!

The coolest pool in the world!

The first time I paid  for 9 foreign guests to visit the Sands Skypark, I thought the ticket price of S$20 per adult was expensive. On top of that I felt heart-ache when they took only 15 mins to look-see and then rushed to the Casino. :(

The Sands SkyPark is an architectural marvel which floats atop 3 soaring Marina Bay Sands hotel towers 200m in the sky. It was featured on Discovery Channel and I was very impressed as it is one of the most challenging construction projects in the world!.

The 150m infinity pool in the morning

Besides a public observation deck, the other attraction of Sands Skypark's is a 150-metre-long infinity pool overlooking Singapore's city skyline and Marina Bay. The vanishing edge of the pool gives me the goose bumps.

I was worried my boys would fall off when they got close to the edge with nothing to hold them back. They had awesome fun though, calling it the "coolest pool in the world!" But I still think it is the "scariest pool in the world". :D

The infinity pool at night

For hotel guests who just want to relax by this chic pool with a book, they will have to look elsewhere. It was impossible to relax in this tropical garden in the sky because the place was packed with lots of families, rowdy kids and rude youngsters and that spoiled the ‘chicness’ of it. 

Although the infinity pool is out of bounds to the public, they are not barred from gawking or taking pictures of the pool users.

Spectacular views as you swim

We enjoyed the beautiful sunset and breathtaking night views of Singapore in the world's largest floating pool in the sky!

a heated jacuzzi facing the city

There are also heated jacuzzis which were packed and the boys had to wait a long time just for a chance to dip in one. Since this is a 2500-room hotel, I guess it’s impossible to enjoy the amenities without the crowds.

While the boys swam, I walked around the observation deck feasting my eyes on the panorama view. A magician was entertaining the visitors who were dumbfounded by his magic tricks.

With an impressive 12,400 square meters of space, the Sands SkyPark can host up to 3900 people. Enjoy some of the magnificent views I took - from the world's largest floating garden!

    Singapore's business district is beautifully light up at night

    The Singapore Flyer

    The Esplanade

    You can purchase your tickets for the Sands SkyPark Observation Deck at the Box Office on the day of use. Public entrance to this area is outside Hotel Tower 3.

    Pricing for entry to the SkyPark is:

    Adults – S$20
    Children (2 – 12 years old) – S$14
    Senior Citizens (55 years and older)  – S$17

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    1. Awesome view indeed!

      When I saw the pool, I thought the pool would be just the place to chill and laze around, until.. I read further down and you mentioning about the crowd.

      15 minutes spent after paying $20? I would've spent hours marveling the view! :D

    2. OMG! Such a luxurious place to be. :D Wow...I wanna be there too.

    3. That is the coolest swimming pool ever! I would stay and stay until they threw me out! I would plan an entire day just for that! Thanks for sharing the pictures!~

    4. Lina,
      The pool is awesome, right? If you come to Singapore, book a night at MBS to enjoy this pool and the spectacular views from the Observation Deck.

      I went up 3 times in a day and stayed for hours when I was staying in MBS.

      You can take many beautiful photos of the city from here.

      It would probably be less crowded on weekdays.

      So heartache lor, my guests just walked round the Skypark once and left. sigh.

    5. Maribeth,
      They will throw you out at 10 pm. :D

      The pool opens from 7 am. It is quite empty in the early morning.

      It is a pretty relaxing place without the crowds.

    6. Ecl,
      Your enticing description of the Sands Skypark and the accompanying pictures showing the city's skyline have prodded me into action. I am now raring to go to the Skypark anytime soon.

    7. It's beautiful, but the entrance fee is kinda expensive huh. :P

    8. Wow ! what a nice place ! I promise I will look longer and only go very late to the Casino if you pay for me !

    9. wow so beautiful!!! i wanna stay in MBS and swim the whole day :D

    10. Amazing! I must say that I have never seen anything quite like that. I could come and never leave and sleep on those sun beds.!! Hope you are well:) Heidi

    11. You are truly enjoying luxury. I love an infinity pool, especially when it has such a beautiful view. the resort is very impressive indeed. singapore is beautiful from the sky. nice pics.

    12. Sands Skypark is just totally amazing. i would love to relax in that pool and the view is to die for. I am totally envyng you now!

    13. incredibly gorgeous. i don't think i've seen anything like that before.

    14. Really awesome pool! I would like to swim to the edge of the pool and see how frightening it is ;)

    15. What a terrific view! Not sure I could swim in the pool, it's up so high :)

    16. Oh wow, that is amazing. I absolutely have to get there one of these days. What fantastic shots.

    17. Wonderful view indeed! What a perfect place to lounge and wait for the sunset!

    18. should stay @MBS hotel to enjoy the pool? Or we can just pay for the skypark deck & pool?

    19. Only MBS hotel guests are allowed to use the Infinity Pool.

      Public who pay to view the Skypark can only SEE part of the pool, they have no access to the pool deck.