Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Winning At All Costs - RT/WW

The computerized mini bar in Marina Bay Sands Hotel room reminded me of one instance when I checked a foreign guest into one of our 5-star hotels. That hotel has computerized mini bars in their rooms too.

A few hours after he checked out, I got a call from a hotel staff. I was asked to pay for his consumption from the mini bar. I was surprised why they didn't bill him. The staff was a friend, I was invited to go down to take a look.

When she opened the mini bar, the bottled drinks were emptied and replaced with water. How could the hotel not charge to him when he removed the bottles?

Later when I asked my guest how he did it, he proudly claimed that he didn't trigger the sensor because he uncapped the drinks without lifting them, used a straw to drink the contents and then replace with tap water.

Why did he do this? He wants to prove he's smarter.

He's the President of a successful foreign company. But how does one do business with such males? Every time he wants to win. He will do whatever it takes to win and his horrifying quote : “If you’re not willing to cheat, then you don’t want to win bad enough.”


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  1. That's not a good way to live one's life. :(

    He used all those energy to beat the system when he can actually well afford to just buy them.

    Does one have to win at all cost? For me, no.

  2. I shall still like to believe a person with integrity and wisdom is a more successful person that a person who seems to win all the time.

    Smart guy, and may he use his intelligence in ways that can benefit humanity.

  3. oooo he doesn't seem like such a nice person. that's very sad.

  4. Hey ECL, welcome back! Glad to see u back in action and thanks so much for stopping by to say hello, hugs! :)

  5. Hahaha if your not willing to cheat you don't want to win bad enough. It's not easy dealing with folks who want to beat the system every time. He was pretty smart though :lol:

  6. That point of view may come back and kick him in the butt someday!

  7. haha! he was smart but not enough to beat the system. nice try i suppose. :p

  8. Oh! He's quite smart! But I don't think I like such person!!

  9. Pandai cerdik...

    Should not check in with SG ID..foreign passport will work.

    Open bottle,suck it out.. open packet.. makan all the food..and leave it be... heeeeee


  10. Gready people are themself alike all over. I never buy from that sort...

  11. Very cunning but not good to be associate as a friend....

  12. i dislike cheaters so much...I agree with Lina..not a good way to live one's life!