Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tour of Rumah Kim Choo - PH

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Last week, I hosted a group of Thai students and their teachers who were in Singapore for a Summer Camp. I brought them to Katong, my residential area in the east of Singapore where they could immerse in the Peranakan culture.

The Peranakans have long been part of Singapore’s complex cultural landscape, with their colorful heritage and acculturation of Chinese and Malay traditions. This marriage of traditions gave birth to new customs and beliefs, unique practices and diverse cuisines.

The children saw how the intricate embroidery used for the Nyonyas' blouses was done by machine, and by hand.

They admired the beautiful hand-painted porcelain wares of the Peranakans. Luckily, these children were well-behaved and kept their hands to themselves while on the tour. There was no damage done to the antiques. :D 

After a detailed explanation of the Peranakan culture and its rich heritage, it was time to discover interesting facts about Peranakan food and feasts.

I brought the children to my favourite Peranakan restaurant for a taste of its popular Nyonya ba chang (dumpling), traditional cakes and snacks.
learning how the rice dumplings are wrapped

The Thai visitors learnt how the dumplings were prepared and wrapped. Several of the students tried to scoop spoonfuls of glutinous rice and marinated meat into a pandan leave used as a wrapping for the dumplings. It was a disaster! :P

I ordered several varieties of the colourful traditional cakes and of course, its famous Nyonya dumplings. The children and their teachers took many pictures of the food before enjoying the delicious spread.

Kim Choo's popular and delicious Nyonya dumplings! 

I am glad that my foreigner visitors enjoyed learning about our different races and their culture during their stay here in Singapore.  

Kim Choo's Kitchen Pte Ltd - Restaurant
111 East Coast Road, Singapore 428801
(65) 67412 125

Rumah Kim Choo - Boutique Gallery
109A East Coast Road, Singapore 428800


  1. what a wonderful host you are! the hand-painted dinnerware are beautiful. i had to check wiki about Peranakan. very interesting--i learned something today. thank you.

  2. Luna Miranda,
    Thank you. I love bringing foreign visitors around my country, introducing them to the different races and their culture in Singapore.

    The Peranakan porcelain wares are really beautiful and colourful. I couldn't bear to use my collection for my meals. :)

  3. ECL,

    Wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day, ECL!

  4. How wonderful! love those Nyonya dumplings, mmmm
    Happy Mother's Day, dear.

  5. Sounds like the children had a fun and educational experience :)

  6. You sound like you're a great hostess -- and ambassador for your country! :)

  7. Lucky children, I'd love to see and taste all this.

  8. Great post. Very interesting and perfect for the theme.

  9. Very interesting post. I would like to try the Nyonya dumplings !

  10. you can never go wrong with Nyonya dumplings. it has a great combination of texture and flavour.

  11. It is a good idea to teach kids about other cultures. I never had huge dumplings like that. I wonder if the kids like the food part the best too.

  12. I love learning all about your culture. You are a very generous lady...and it shows through your posts on your blog.


    Happy week ahead wishes to you...

  13. nyonya zhang! :) i love to have those in blue color from the clitoris flower. very delish

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  14. What a wonderful day for all. The children are very fortunate to have been introduced to the culture and have a day where they can learn culture and take part in the cooking and tasting. They will remember this day always. Blessings, Catherine