Saturday, August 27, 2016

Street Food at Lebuh Presgrave in Penang 槟城三条路街边美食


It's so awesome to have delicious street food just a stone's throw away from my accommodation. Actually I could just laze around and relax in the guest house and not brave the hot sun looking for food. That's what I do at night. hehe....

After a day's outing, I would return before 7 pm, buy from the street hawkers on my way back and eat in my room. There is crockery which I could use, I have to wash and return them to their respective places after using them.


The first night I bought 10 sticks of satay (grilled marinated skewered meat with spicy peanut) from this couple. One pork satay costs RM0.90.

While waiting for my purchase, I chatted with them. They have been operating only a few years, but they are doing a brisk business.


It was a warm night and the husband was bathed in sweat while he grilled my satay. That was too much satay for me as the pieces of meat were quite big. Their peanut sauce is quite diluted compared to the Singapore version, but it tasted good.


A middle-aged man was grilling these meats and sandwiching them between toasted buns. I bought a piece of the red bbq meat to snack on. This is very delicious and it was my first time eating it. This is a unique Cantonese delicacy called Duck Leg Wrap (鸭脚包 RM2.50).

I was told it was duck leg and pork belly wrapped with duck intestine. There was no bones, the fatty meat tasted like bak kwa (bbq meat slices). Like the taste although it was a little too sweet. I should have requested for a bun.


Many visitors come for this Hokkien prawn noodle which is my favourite and I always request to add a portion of their crispy roasted pork. Total RM6.30 for a bowl.

They are too busy to chat. haha....


Jason said I must try this lobak (braised five spice pork wrapped in a beancurd skin). So I selected an assortment of the fried food for takeaway. Fresh ingredients and inexpensive, but the black frying oil is a turn off. haha....


This dessert stall has a delicious cendol and an ice kacang with their home made ice cream which sold out very fast.

Their chilled chrysanthemum tea is refreshing and thirst quenching. Costing RM1.50 per packet, I bought two packets for takeaway every night.


A normal plate of wanton mee costs RM4. Besides the slices of char siew, there are both boiled and crispy fried wantons which are pretty tasty. Noodles is chewy and that's too much for me to finish eating.


Steaming hot Chinese buns with a variety of fillings are available from 6 pm daily. Some of the buns look appetising. I would have bought a couple, but I have a small appetite, I would not be able to try new dishes if I eat a bun. haha...


Ahhhhh.... must not to forget this delicious char kway teow (fried flat rice noodles RM6) with duck's egg at the crossroad of Lebuh Presgrave and Jalan CY Choy. Have to try their fried rice one day. I could hardly finish the plate of fried noodles by myself. haha...

入夜后, 三条路有许多街头贩摊。我就住在附近的旅馆, 晚上找吃很方便。

这里有我的最爱 - 福建虾面, 再加一份他们香脆的烧肉。太好吃了!

这里只有一摊卖甜品的, 女摊贩的煎蕊不甜, 很美味。大姐的红豆冰也很赞。我每晚必买的菊花茶, 她自己煮的, 够味道又不甜。

不曾接触过鸭脚包, 听摊贩说鸭脚包是用肠子扎住鸭脚和五花肉, 然后烧烤。我觉得有一点甜, 感觉像肉干, 好吃。。。夹面包吃也不错。


在三条路(Lebuh Presgrave)和崔耀财路(Jalan CY Choy)交界处的一家咖啡店旁边的档口, 两位大姐的鸭蛋炒粿条又香又入味,够火候, 好美味。

Friday, August 26, 2016

Solo Trip to Penang 重游槟城单人行


I flew back to Penang for a short trip one morning. Getting used to travelling solo. I boarded public bus 401E after arriving at Penang Airport and enjoyed the one hour ride to Komtar bus terminal in the city.

I chose to stay at the Rainhill Guesthouse at Lebuh Presgrave again as its location is convenient and accessible to lots of good food. Also I like the company of owner Jason who is helpful and has lots of stories to share.

my Giraffe room  :)

There was a tinge of regret on my last day of stay though. Due to the convenience of yummy street food that's just a stone's throw from my guesthouse, I overindulged. Agonising over the excess weight now. hahahaha.....

But I enjoyed my food hunt this time as Jason has many good food recommendations.


After a quick wash up at the guesthouse, I went for a late lunch meeting at a nearby Japanese restaurant. Not feeling particularly hungry, I opted for some light snacks and a cute drink called My Babychino.

We had almost ended our meal but my drink was nowhere to be seen. My Penang associate was annoyed with the slow service but the cheerful waitress calmed him down with her patience and smiles.


After the meal, I returned to my guesthouse for a nap as I woke up very early that morning. Woke up around 5 in the evening, showered and went out to meet a friend for dinner.

Passing by the Hokkien prawn noodle stall on my way to Georgetown, I saw the irresistible crispy roast pork..... OMG!


I braked and detoured for a bowl of delicious prawn noodles with roast pork and a bowl of icy cold cendol. Bliss. haha...... would I still have room for dinner?


On the way to the meeting place, I saw this crowded coffee place in an alley. People were eating toasts at this hour!?

This was the old Hainanese coffee shop I was looking for on my previous two trips to Penang. It just popped up when I was not looking high and low for it. ish.


I went inside the alley, found an empty table before ordering coffee and toast. There was a queue so I had to wait a while for my order. I made use of the waiting time to snap some pictures.


Watched the workers toasting bread in this old fashioned charcoal stove which consists of three compartments.  A worker squatting in front of it, was toasting bread at the bottom compartment. He explained that the top compartment was for steaming bread and they burn the charcoal in the middle. What a clever idea!


After a cup of thick aromatic Hainanese coffee, I met up with a friend at a nearby coffee shop to pick up some purchases. This particular coffee shop has a strange rule that visitors must order at least one drink or else they cannot sit within their premises.

My friend wanted to bring me for a feast but I chose to try the lobak (braised five spice pork wrapped in a beancurd skin). The stall owner didn't have much items left, so I chose a few and shared with my friend.

Of course we ordered drinks or else we would get kicked out by the coffee shop owner who was watching us like a hawk. LOL

I took a stroll back to my guest house after the meeting.

单身一人重游槟城, 自己搭公共巴士四处游。住在当地的家庭式旅馆, 位于三条路的雨山旅馆是我的最佳选择。主人很健谈, 会介绍好多好玩、好吃的地方。

放下行李就和友人聚餐。因为早上很早起身, 没什么胃口, 吃了一点简单的食物就回旅馆睡午觉。

休息一会儿, 出门会朋友时经过三条路大牌档。看到福建虾面档刚烧好的香脆烧肉, 忍不住停下脚步要了一碗福建虾面加烧肉和一碗煎蕊。。。 哈哈 。。。

前往目的地途中, 眼睛又坏了。。。无意间看到了我找了很久的地方 - 多春茶室。非常简陋的茶室。。。不管了, 进去看看!

要吃晚餐的时刻还有这么多人在吃炭烤面包! 来到这个经典的海南茶室, 不为别的,就为了尝尝这里的传统炭烤面包和香浓醇厚的海南咖啡。终于尝到了60几年的老字号海南咖啡, 我要的古早味。

托朋友帮我买东西, 与他一起吃饭, 他还请我吃槟城卤肉。吃过晚饭, 自己慢慢走路回旅馆。

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hainanese Su Yan Mooncakes 南洋风味的月饼 - 海南酥盐月饼

Hmooncakes (1)

Mid Autumn Festival is coming soon. Recently, my Hainanese elderly relatives and friends have been reminiscing about the famous Hainanese Su Yan mooncakes (Hainanese pepper salt flaky mooncakes).

Teochew and Cantonese styled mooncakes are commonly seen but not Hainanese mooncakes. I have seen my Hainanese husband bought them for his parents, but I have never tasted one.

At a mooncake fair earlier this week, we discovered these mooncakes. The friendly lady boss allowed us to buy one of each variety for tasting.  


These Hainanese moon cakes are Singapore creations, they cannot be found in Hainan Island. Same for the Hainanese-styled food like Hainanese pork chops, beef stew and chicken curry that we have in Singapore.

Hainanese bakery Amethyst Pastry and Cakes in Bukit Panjang started making mooncakes in the 1980s.

Their Hainanese Su Yan mooncakes are well sought after these days. I am happy for them because their Hainanese mooncakes are unique and delicious. I have fallen in love with their taste.

Hmooncakes3 (1)

Their flaky Hainanese Pepper Salt Crispy Mooncake ($5.50 each, $42 for eight) is filled with a blend of dried fruit such as tangerine peel as well as sesame seeds and melon seeds, flavoured with pepper and salt, using lesser sugar.

The mooncake has the salty sweet taste which the older Hainanese generation is familiar with.

Hmooncakes2 (1)

There is also a Hainanese Fusion Mooncake ($5.50 each, $42 for eight), which has walnuts, pine nuts, almonds and melon seeds as the main ingredients. The skin is the same as the Cantonese mooncakes'  baked brown crust but add spices like clove and cinnamon to the skin, giving it a unique fragrance. I find it similar to my Teochew Five Nut mooncakes but the Hainanese Fusion Mooncake is more fragrant.

Hainanese Su Yan mooncakes were made famous by the Wong Family of Nam Tong Lee Confectionery, which used to be in Purvis Street as there was a large community of Hainanese living in the area.

Hainanese Su Yan mooncakes were filled with dried fruit and melon seeds. The slightly flaky skin was made with pork lard and salt.

Traditionally, the Wongs added grounded wild tangerines (山桔) to the filling. Grown in some parts of China, the dried fruits are very hard and it is very tedious to grind up the skin which gives out a really wonderful tangy taste and fragrance.


I would love to learn how to make Hainanese Su Yan mooncake. But it is a guarded recipe and it is very hard to duplicate if I don’t have the exact recipe and proportions. I will be joining my elders in craving for these yummy delicacy every Mid Autumn Festival. haha.....

Amethyst Pastry and Cakes  紫晶阁
Blk 524A Jelapang Road #02-04, Greenridge Shopping Centre

南洋风味的月饼 - 海南酥盐月饼

中秋节快到了, 几位海南老乡亲都在想念《酥盐月饼》。老公说家翁在时,每到中秋,一定要下坡到海南二街去买《南同利》月饼。我前几天在一个月饼展销会上买了一个海南酥盐月饼和一个新典海南月饼。

迄今已有超过60年历史的海南糕饼店紫晶阁, 老板陈颖新拥有30年制饼经验。他向父亲学习制作海南酥盐月饼。

《海南酥盐月饼》(一个$5.50, 8块装 $42 )皮酥、馅料以果仁为主属于健康食品。椒盐调味, 独有咸甜香气。

果仁为主要原料的《新典海南月饼》(一个$5.50,  8块装 $42), 同潮州的五仁月饼相似,但我觉得紫晶阁的《新典海南月饼》比较芳香。

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