Thursday, October 11, 2007

Why do some gorgeous guys go for average or ugly women?

Ever so often, whenever I was watching the hunks world go by while having drinks with my girlfriends or employees, I would be poked, nudged or grabbed. I would hear a “OMG, did you see that!” or a moan as an attractive subject walked by.

I’ve met a few jaw droppers. The kind other people turn to stare. I've passed my 'waiting for my knight in shining armour' phase, so meeting hunks only evoke my basic animal desire. hahaha.......

After watching so many couples, my girls and I have a funny feeling that a lot of great looking guys go for average or ugly women. They probably find these women a lot more down to earth about things. I think it's just an overall observation, most people have the impression that great looking women are 'high maintenance'; insecure about looks, or demanding in general (some are, some aren't) but perhaps because of the overall general impression or sub-conciously, pre-concieved notion, good looking guys might feel more at ease with average or not so beautiful women.

I am only stating facts based upon what I have found in real life...the reason why most great looking men are with average looking women is because GREAT LOOKING women are demanding...... they think that they ONLY DESERVE the RICHEST, HOTTEST Man and blah blah blah....

Now as far as the other side of the coin goes .... many great looking women are also with average looking men because they are tired of arrogant a**hole rich, good looking men playing them because they can get any woman, any time due to their looks or money.

The ironic part about this whole scenario is that we all learn the hard way...... men will date hot looking sexy stripper type babes over and over because they look SOO HOTTT. And they love to make an impression on their friends and other men when they see him with a MODEL TYPE woman (it is a male ego thing). And women will find the hottest, richest dudes and date them. Money, sex, and physical beauty are tools of the devil.....

Great looking people in general, get used to attention and so never seem to feel the need to develop their personalities much. Personality counts a lot. Great looking people tend to rely on looks more than personality, whereas not so beautiful people, tend to be nicer and more amiable.

Whether this is true or not, everyone has their own opinion on it... but I think that it might be one reason for it.

Beauty draws me in, substance keeps me captive!

That being said.... where do those gorgeous guys congregate?


  1. I found that it would be good to look at the gorgeous guys all day long, but not necessary good having them. I just think that gorgeous guys are quite evil. :P

    1. Not all of them. I prefer them and have met plenty of nice good ones and have dated them.

  2. In the gyms? :D

    So... you'll help me to find my 'hunk'?

  3. well, easy is always said than done.

    handsome man may not be handsome for those pretty and hot ladies, thus not given a chance if they tried to woo them and vice versa.

  4. windy,
    Look at them all day long!? Just look only!? hehehe.....

    O.o Why do you think gorgeous guys are evil?

  5. My angel,
    Oh yes, you'll find some really good specimens in the gym. hehehe....

    psst... remember to bring your gym attire on our horniday and the sexy bikini.

  6. Leonard,
    Yup.... Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Different people have different views of good-looking.

  7. Come, come, we go to the Padang tonight....

  8. hunk with substance - a killer combo. history is littered with it but hei, who is not attracted to beauty that can hold an intelligent conversation. unfortunately the whole world is looking for such character. another killer combo is $$ & power but that is fodder for another day!!

  9. ecl, I shy to say lah but my husband married a good looking woman wor. But the woman he married is not fussy and has a very kind heart. Wah...that means my husband is very blessed hor? Wahahaha....

  10. Perhaps it is more noticeable when someone beautiful dates someone less so? I mean in the scenarios otherwise, we would have thought that it is normal right?


  11. Where do those gorgeous guys hang out ah?
    Check out Vincent's lounge at Duxton.

  12. Here is another angle, because beautiful women are boring in bed. They dont want to sweat, brake their nails, the guy has to do all the work, and everything has to be absolute perfect before they consider having sex. They are so worried about looking good that they forget to enjoy the expierence and have fun.


  13. Gorgeous guys cant stand it when there are people better looking than them's an ego thingey, la!!

  14. I usually see gorgeous woman ended up with so-so guy

  15. Where hah? I oso want to go and ogle. Hahaha.

  16. lb,
    Padang got gorgeous guys meh? It would be too dark to see anything! hahaha......

  17. seefei,
    ahhhhem ... ahem... cough cough.... for a gorgeous and intelligent woman, no need to look far. Power - still in the making, money got a bit. kakaka.....

  18. day-dreamer,
    These observations are derived from days and months of men watching wor, how can not true. hehe......

  19. I echo Yenjai's view...and I also believe in the phrase .."Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder"..


  20. Judy,
    Your hubby is good-looking, the British ladies are probably wondering what's wrong with his eyesight! waahahahaha.....

    aiyooooo.... you very not shy ar, pimping yourself liddat! tsk tsk tsk.......

    PS - Judy is a wonderful wife and Mom, but has fallen into bad company mixing with ECL. hahaha........

  21. wilfrid,
    How did beautiful Cynthia end up with you? You two are a good example of Beauty and the Beef. wahahahahaha.......

  22. cocka,
    oiiii.... Is that a gay bar? If you can be trusted, I would go on a horniday with you! ;)

  23. Captain Picard,
    Oooo... I'm sure gorgeous girls would fall for you with your good looks! ;)

  24. Captain Crunch,
    Oh yes, I've heard this from some guys! hehehe..... They just lie still and look pretty. And the things gorgeous women do to look good in bed! I should write a post on this! ;P

  25. stay-at-home mum,
    Yup, I heard this too.

    And some gorgeous guys marry average looking women to take care of their family while they find beautiful lovers outside. Smart guys.

  26. yenjai,
    From a guy's perspective, right?

    Usually the guys would envy the average Joes with beautiful partners while we ladies would bitch about gorgeous guys with so-so girls. :)

  27. mumsgather,
    So far, tips given to me are - gym, Sentosa beach (volleyball), some popular pubs, duck shops.....
    hehehe..... I try.... er... check it out first, then email you.

  28. Hi eastcoastlife,

    I'd like to think that God is fair and "average/ugly" women have the smarts to hook the gorgeous men ^_^

    Anyway, your post has been featured in The Singapore Daily []. Keep blogging!

    The Singapore Daily

  29. Eve,
    That's why I'm ranting here lah! sigh.... why couldn't I get the gorgeous guy???

    What to do!? I'm too gorgeous for them! hahaha.... blekkkk....

  30. SingaporeDaily? Another blog aggregator. Oh no.

  31. ecl, huh? You need glasses or not? My husband hansem?

    I think you had better asked your better half to check your eyes and see if you need to increase the power of your contact lens! Wahahaha.....

    Yes, ecl bad, bad company for Judy but hey, you only live once (on earth)! :)

  32. To me hor, I think things in this world are all balanced. So, pretty people with not so pretty personalities and vice versa. and, pretty ppl go with average ones.

  33. Agree completely, you just look at the brotherhood guy, darkness. He is being collared by one of his readers, I believe her name is Scimitar, she is a presidential scholar and all that, but she looks really ugly, so I wonder why would such a dashing and interesting man who obviously has no shortage of option, choose to be man handled by such a bitch!

    That is really beyond me!


  34. Because they know it would be easy to get a girl (even having a few girl friends at the same time).

    Another situation: If a girl fancies a gorgeous guy and he knows it, he would flirt with her even thought he doesn't like her at all and see it as a joke... tsk tsk tsk...

  35. Judy,
    Did I say your hubby is hansem? Good-looking lah, kek ki wei (polite language) wor. hehehe.....

    If he's hansem, you would be average or ugly leh. hehe....

    Yeah, we only live once. That means we can continue to be a bad influence on each other.... continue to send me RA emails lor. kakaka....

  36. Wah! Widowmaker!?
    Alamak, mix with you will I become a widow anot?

    I dun know who are those ppl you mentioned leh. How to comment?
    *scratch head*

  37. windy,
    yay... I agree with you. Some guys liddat lah, like to tease the poor gals. But they must be careful, lest it backfires. Women can be quite vicious when they are jilted.
    *scared scared*

  38. I think in our 21st society, most of us have learnt to fully exploit our looks at its fullest potential. For whatever reasons, if you got it - flaunt it. It may not apply to every single one, but just take a look at the clubs. If you've got the looks, you get "better reception".

    I think over time, people have also learnt to associate good looks with "danger" in our subconscious. We may not talk much about it, but the relaying actions will actually shows that. I have associates who won't bother to take a second look at pretty girls. In my line, worse! We see them all the time until we are immune, being good looking doesn't mean the guys' attention is always on them.

    As much as women have feminine instincts, men have it too.

  39. Ed,
    Looks matter these days. Look at the numerous 'New Looks' competitions in all forms of the media and the increasing number of people undergoing all sorts of ops to enhance their looks.

    Wahhh.... too much of a good thing can be jelek. No matter how gorgeous a guy or gal is, his/her partner can get tired of them if they have no substance lor.

  40. Wahhhh "Beauty draws me in, substance keeps me captive!" this one very good quote, ECL!!!

    But then sometimes can't help jadi abit greedy... can have alil bit of both ar... ;p Now how about telling me the place where SYTs congregate........ ;p

  41. narrowband,
    You come to Singapore, I bring you to prey on SYTs. hehehe.....

  42. no no no, + and - = 0, so balanced out lah. Hehehe

  43. "you just look at the brotherhood guy, darkness. He is being collared by one of his readers..."

    Oh why doesn't that surprise me? Actually, in truth, all it really takes is a bit of dog training skills.

    I mean if you look at gals like Scimitar, they know how to put a leash on chaps like darkness. Of course in the beginning they wouldn't take too well to regulation, control and policing, but once they get used to it, you be remarkably amazed how much one can get away with in the name of love.

    I pays to brush up on man management that's the long and short. Besides if the man is a candy, you are asking for trouble, if you don't zip this one down!

    Maureen :)


    I believe this will come in very handy when dealing with the likes of Bambi Darkness Boy.

    Cannot give them chance!

  45. It's perfectly alright, God is fair. Ugly guys like me get all the gorgeous chicks and one became my wife. :-P

  46. Beauty and the beast mah! Opposites attract :-)...

    I must be the beast.

  47. heard that good looking ppl need a manager type gf/bf's support from back stage :)
    becoz they always want to shine on the stage.
    no need to have 2 moviestars on 1 stage. hehehe...
    just like Ichiro, the jp baseball player. hes called good looking handsome guy, but married an older woman like his manager!
    i like bad looking boys, but they have obsession of beauty. arent they??
    so they go hunting for that kinda model type. *sigh*

  48. I remember a friend of mine who said that it's always the physical attraction that starts it all. However, the inner qualities of a person and how the couple jive with each other determine how long the relationship lasts.

  49. that is not true at all. as a good lookin woman i do not just rely on looks as i believe personality is equally as important and i have been told i have a good personality aswel. all the good looking people i kno are really nice and in my experience ugly people are the ones with horrible personalities because they're mad that they're ugly!

  50. I would agree with what Anonymous said. Average looking or people with no looks tend to be very insecure, and unhappy with themselves as a result of which also have very unpleasant personalities. I have been told that am pretty and gold looking, a lot boils down to the point of how comfortable is one in their own skin ....irrespective of whether thin, fat , dark etc

  51. Statistically, very handsome men make the worst long term mates (see Psychology Today online blog) They tend to cheat more and are less attentive to their mates. They make better lovers than husbands. Beautiful women who are more attractive than than their husbands statistically make the best long term mates. So-- it makes sense that very handsome men would often choose plain and unattractive women. The men don't have to work as hard at the relationship--a personally, I say NEVER marry a man who is prettier than you are. Chances are, it won't work out well in your favor.

  52. Good looks ARE NOT a work of the devil. God made Job's daughters thee fairest in the land as I recall as a BLESSING to him for the other children he lost. And Sarah was quite stunning too. NO ONE should ever date ANYONE they're NOT attracted to (physically or otherwise). And no ALL good looking people are not bad and arrogant. That's just something jealous people say to comfort themselves.I prefer good looking men and always will and I don't go for the rich ones either. I am friends with and have dated plenty of good looking guys who have the character to match! Only date your type. Always be yourself and always be TRUE to yourself and your desires! It's nothing to feel bad or guilty about. If good looking people only want to date good looking people SO BE IT!!! It's YOUR RIGHT!!!