Friday, September 30, 2016

Traditional Yong Tau Foo and Laksa 传统客家酿豆腐与叻沙

Sungei Road Laksa

After reading my post on Hakka yong tau foo at Balestier Road, a friend recommended his favourite traditional Hakka yong tau foo at 217 Syed Alwi Road. This famous stall not only sells yong tau foo, but they are well known for their beef balls, Hakka soon kueh and yam abacus seeds.

I have been to this stall two years ago to eat their beef ball noodles. I like their bouncy beef balls so much that I bought a packet of frozen beef balls (S$10) home.

This time I came with my hubby and foodie friend Angie in the morning. We ordered their Hakka yong tau foo soup with noodles, beef ball soup with noodles and a mixed plate of both the Hakka soon kueh and yam abacus seeds.

While waiting for our steaming hot soup, we had the Hakka soon kueh and yam abacus seeds. I dislike both snacks as their skins were too thick. I did not taste any yam in the abacus seeds.

The Hakka yong tau foo at this stall is limited, diners have little choice. My companions prefer to have a wide variety of ingredients to choose from. They are already planning to go to another popular Hakka yong tau foo stall at Jalan Berseh hawker centre next week to eat to their hearts' content  :D

The beef balls are still bouncy and yummy. Since my two companions do not eat beef, I finished all the 5 beef balls. yum yum.....

We proceeded to the Sungei Road Laksa which is a short distance from the Hakka yong tau foo stall for our second round of traditional food tasting.

This Sungei Road Laksa stall cooks their laksa gravy over a charcoal fire. A bowl of their delicious laksa used to cost S$2 only, now it costs S$3. It has more cockles and slightly more noodles.

At this stall, diners have to eat their noodles with a spoon, no chopsticks are provided.

与老公和贪吃一号安琪一起寻美食, 这次要尝尝另一家出名的传统客家酿豆腐, 赛亚威路的大埔牛肉丸(客家)酿豆腐。顺便到邻近的咖啡店吃一碗以火炭熬煮湯汁的著名结霜桥叻沙。

大埔牛肉丸(客家)酿豆腐除了客家酿豆腐, 还卖牛肉丸、客家炒算盤子和笋板。超爱❤他们的牛肉丸, 充满弹性和肉香。其他的菜。。。麻麻地 :D

著名的结霜桥叻沙起价了! 从两块钱起到$3。。。不过有给多一点点粉条和血蚶。这店不提供筷子, 只提供汤匙。为了方便食客吃叻沙, 粉条被剪短。


  1. That is rather come no chopsticks are provided?

  2. The long noodles have been cut shorter so diners can eat it with a spoon.