Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Breakfast by the Beach @ East Coast Lagoon Food Village 海边的早餐

It's been quite some time since my last morning walk at East Coast Park, I was awakened by hubby early this morning to catch the sunrise. On the way, we met some neighbours who were going marketing, had a chat and missed the sunrise. haha.....

Said "hello" to a couple of "fishermen" who were waiting for a good catch. The sky looked gloomy .... hope we could finish our walk before the rain comes.

We walked for 3 hours covering 10 km. I was taking pictures and we also stopped to chat with several interesting people.

We arrived at East Coast Lagoon Food Village and was delighted to see our cheery Kakak (sister) who was getting ready to serve breakfast. Her stall was the only one that opens early to serve breakfast at this seaside hawker centre.

She recommended her nasi lemak (coconut rice, S$3). I ordered my favourite mee soto (noodles in chicken spiced soup, S$3). I just love Kakak's traditional chicken spiced soup which is so comforting.

It was our first time eating Kakak's nasi lemak. The coconut rice was fragrant and good on its own. The crispy chicken wing was delicious and the fried omelette was one hearty thick slice. Her sweet nasi lemak chilli is awesome!

Kakak is already 73 years old but she works to keep herself busy and healthy. She comes early to prepare her food at 4 am. All the sauces, chilli paste and gravy are cooked by her. She goes home to rest at 3 pm.

We love her lontong (compressed rice cubes served with curry vegetables) and gado-gado (mixed vegetable salad with a spicy peanut sauce) too. Lontong is only served on Saturdays and Sundays.

We watched the joggers and cyclists went past while we enjoyed our yummy breakfast by the beach.

This little squirrel decided to join us for breakfast. haha..... We followed it as it leap from tree to tree. It brought us to a tiny castle built on the beach. 

We walked forward to knock on the door but the "castle" was vacant. We had no idea what it was doing there. As it was time for hubby to prepare for work, we decided to return home.  

今早先生特别早起, 拉了我去海边看日出。好久没去东海岸公园的海边散步、吃早餐了。

走了10公里, 肚子饿了就到东海岸人工湖美食村享用户外早餐。这是新加坡唯一一间面海的熟食中心, 食物价钱相宜。

东海岸人工湖美食村的马来鸡汤面是我爱吃的马来传统美食, 我们也品尝了芳香的椰浆饭。友族大姐已经73岁了, 不过精神奕奕, 很健谈, 煮得一手好菜。我们每次来吃早餐, 她都会与我们聊天。

今天非周末的日子, 跑步骑车锻炼的人也和周末一样多, 连松鼠也来凑热闹。我们边看海边吃早餐,惬意~ 这就是新加坡的平淡生活。


  1. That was a rather surprising discovery....the squirrel led you guys there. Hmm....maybe something mysterious is awaiting you guys inside? :)

  2. We were surprised to find a squirrel living by the sea, so we followed it to see where it lives. haha....
    The 'castle' is locked.