Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Sng bao (ice popsicles) 怀旧的古早味冰棒

Sng bao (traditional ice popsicle) is a childhood favourite for the young and the young at heart. It cost 10 cents per stick during my time. My Mom forbid us to eat icy cold stuff but my brothers and I used to save our pocket money and buy them secretly from an enterprising neighbour.

A few months back, I started making ice popsicles for my family when I brought back a sour sop from Penang. I made sour sop sng bao and from then onwards, there are constant requests for sng baos of all flavours. LOL

Fortunately I can still buy the plastic bags for these traditional sng bao. One packet of 100 pieces takes a long time to use up. haha....

I have made ice popsicles using sng boey (sour prune), Milo, red bean, green bean and Thai iced tea.

The most popular flavour of my older family members is sng boey, while the younger generation preferred Milo sng bao. My son's birthday is approaching, so I am making Milo sng bao for his party guests.

天气炎热 ~ 吃冰棒消消暑吧! 我自己在家做古早味冰棒,自然无添加、放在冰箱里, 家人随时都有得吃。水果口味的冰棒是我最常做的,我还做过绿豆、泰国冰奶茶、紅豆、红毛榴梿等等多各种口味的冰棒。年纪大的家人喜欢吃话梅口味, 年纪小的却爱吃Milo 巧克力口味。

儿子的生日快到了, 他要求我做怀旧的古早味冰棒招待他的朋友们。做了一些 Milo 巧克力口味的冰棒, 希望他们会喜欢。