Thursday, October 06, 2016

Chinese Red Eggs 红鸡蛋做法

For my son's birthday, I woke up early to cook two hard boiled eggs for him. I then decided to dye the eggs red as it is our Chinese culture to eat red dyed eggs for one's birthday. The red-dyed eggs symbolise happiness, good fortune, prosperity and a new start to life.

We prepare Chinese red eggs to give to relatives and friends when we celebrate the first month of a baby and the birthday of an elder.

My hubby was jealous and wanted to have red dyed eggs too as I have forgotten to dye his birthday eggs earlier. So I cooked 4 eggs. LOL

I poured some red food colouring in a bowl. Put on a glove (or simply wrap a plastic bag over your hand), coat a hard boiled egg evenly with the red colouring.

Put some old newspapers on a plate and leave the dyed eggs to dry on it.

Here's my beautifully dyed Chinese red eggs!

To celebrate a traditional Chinese birthday, mothers would cook a bowl of sweet longevity noodles (Birthday Mee Sua) and two red eggs for the birthday boy or girl.

My son does not want the traditional Chinese birthday noodle, he asked for the Korean stir-fried glass noodle, japchae. The younger generation does not like traditional Chinese noodles, they prefer to go for the trendy noodles. To me, as long as he eats long noodles which symbolises longevity, it is fine with me.

今天是儿子的生日, 我早上醒来煮染一些红鸡蛋。为儿子准备红鸡蛋, 是一种表达喜庆的方式。生日要吃一碗长寿面,寓意长长久久。现在的年轻人不爱吃鸡蛋面线, 儿子要吃韩式炒面。随便啦! 有吃长长的面条就算了,为讨个好预兆, 图个吉利。

红彤彤的红鸡蛋做法 : 用清水煮熟鸡蛋,冷却;红色食用色素倒入一个瓷碗里,鸡蛋一个一个的蘸满色素,凉干,完成。


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