Friday, May 13, 2016

Napa Cabbage Rolls 简单易煮的白菜卷


I joined a Homemakers Club for the first time on Wednesday morning. The ladies meet once a month and on rotation, 3 ladies will be picked to cook a dish for the group meet every month. There are about 20 ladies in this group.

"Chef for the month" Alleena taught the ladies these lovely Napa cabbage rolls. One has minced pork and chicken as its stuffing, the other is a vegetarian version.

There was a lot of friendly banter in the room as we went about our business. I was appointed as the official photographer that day.


Several ladies voluntarily helped Alleena with her cooking. They helped to peel and cut the vegetables and ingredients. They also helped with the wrapping of the cabbage rolls. They did a good job, the colourful vegetarian cabbage rolls look so appetizing. There is a dipping sauce for the rolls.


Alleena also boiled a cooling beverage - Winter melon and Chinese barley - to counter the extreme hot weather these days. Love this easy-to-make refreshing drink, will cook it for my family.

We learn a few tasty dishes from the "chefs" and sat down to a healthy lunch after that.

这道简单易煮的白菜卷有两种不同做法 - 蔬菜或肉末做馅。


冬瓜中国薏米水 - 清暑利湿、养颜瘦身。

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