Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Our Day Out - Paktor Lo! 我们去拍拖♥


My husband took a day off to bring me out for a Mother's Day celebration. We took a bus to Hong Lim Complex for brunch. He missed his favourite char kway teow (fried flat rice noodles 炒粿条). Despite the long queue, he patiently waited for that delectable dish of messy noodles.

I am not a fan of char kway teow as I find it too oily. He let me try two mouthfuls of his dish, yep, it's delicious. Flavourful with lots of crispy lard pieces.


I took a chance and tried the pork chops for the first time from this stall. The young man preparing my meal took his time. While waiting for my food, I was perspiring, it was very warm where the stall was situated. The poor chap has to endure the heat for the entire time his stall was opened.

I was delighted with the pork chops. Two pieces of thick chops for S$5.50, cheap and delicious. Next time I will order his seafood pasta.


After lunch, I went looking for my favourite traditional Teochew snacks. The axe biscuit was sold out, so I had to settle for the soft cake (软糕) and walnut biscuits (核桃饼).


We strolled to People's Park Centre for my favourite traditional dessert -  warm almond paste (杏仁糊). It's good for complexion. *smiles*

Hubby wanted Bo bo cha cha (coconut milk dessert 摩摩喳喳), but I persuaded him to try the new combination on the menu - bubur hitam (black glutinous rice porridge 黑糯米粥) with bo bo cha cha. It was good, the black glutinous rice porridge was not too sweet.

There are so many varieties of desserts here. It will take a while for one to try every dish. Next door is another dessert shop selling similar dishes but I notice they have more choices. Will try this place the next time.


A friend gave us tickets for a movie, so we took a bus to Suntec City. It's been a while since our last movie date. I like the experience of watching a movie in the cinema.

It was time for tea after our cinema experience. We dropped in on a friend who was working nearby and he bought us a meal.

He recommended a delicious Ipoh Hor Fun with chicken cutlet. It was such a huge plate for S$4.80 that I had to share it with my hubby. I was craving for cendol, the friend promptly bought me one. Knowing that I like to take pictures of my food before devouring them, he requested for a specially made cendol for me to take pictures. haha....


We went home after biding our friend good-bye. The weather was so fine that we picked up our camera and went to the beach.

The sun was beginning to set .... we took some lovely pictures by the seaside. We walked quite a long distance to get to a food centre for a light dinner. The chilled coconut juice was a welcome respite after the walk. The bbq chicken wings, toasted cruellers and beancurd pockets are my favourite snacks too. :)

We held our hands and started our long walk home after our meal.

我先生请了一天假, 带我出去庆祝母亲节。.♥.♥.♥.


我们跑了一天的路,带着一身的疲劳;和满满的收获,返回了家。洗澡后, 累得不行了, 一沾到床就睡了!


  1. Looks like you had an enjoyable day with good food and good company haha!