Sunday, May 08, 2016

Eastcoastlife Learning "How To Wow Them At Karaoke" 参加卡拉OK歌唱技巧训练班


The word "karaoke" conjures feelings of dread for me. I don't like singing (I am not tone deaf, ok!) and I wince listening to people croaking (bad singing) at public functions. The fights and quarrels that arise in our clan associations over karaoke are tiresome and disgraceful.

I was dragged to a karaoke singing techniques class by fellow clansmen on a Saturday. I paid a nominal fee and 4 song sheets were given to me - all Chinese classical songs. SIGH.

My classmates have been learning for some time, two months ahead of me. It was my first lesson and I tried to keep up.

The teacher started with some embarrassing vocal exercises. Then she ran us through a mimicking process and taught us to apply that singing work to actual songs. I was beginning to enjoy the lesson and the singing.

The teacher helped me find my singing voice. It's amazing! In two hours, I learnt some basics on "opening my voice". We spent an hour focusing on a karaoke song which the students will perform at an important function six months later.


Towards the end of the lesson, two students have to perform a song in front of the class. The students have to overcome their fear of performing before an audience and the teacher would point out their mistakes, helping them to improve on their singing.

Well, I am on my way to experiencing joy every time I open my mouth to sing! hahaha....

我有“卡拉OK”恐惧感。我不喜欢唱歌(我不是五音不全,OK!),不喜欢在公众场合听人唱歌像鬼叫似的。 超讨厌我们的宗乡会馆为了争用卡拉OK, 出现打架和争吵, 真无聊! 超丢脸!

一个周六被宗亲拖去参加卡拉OK歌唱技巧训练班。课程主要是集中在用声技巧、以卡拉OK教学,针对音准、节奏的掌握将歌曲完整地呈现,指导学员把歌曲演绎出自己的风格。老师教学严肃认真, 性格开朗, 使学生在轻松愉快的气氛中学习。

神奇了! 我居然学会享受唱歌, 还唱中国经典歌曲。原来唱歌是这么可以让自己开心起来。

我们每周的卡拉OK歌唱技巧训练班, 一些学生必须在全班同学面前表演一首歌曲。之前我有"上台唱歌恐惧症", 要我唱歌,我都想找个洞钻下去。

透过适当的训练,有效提升学生们的歌唱能力,最终能享受放声高歌的乐趣。一般来说,一个条件正常的学员,由完全不懂开始学起,每星期持续训练,大概需要半年至一年时间来掌握良好的歌唱方法。 现在我放开唱就好了,想怎么唱就怎么玩,在那儿自High得不亦乐乎,管他人的。哇哈哈 。。。


  1. Hmmm, I was in my primary school choir but I've NEVER been able to pluck up the courage to try karaoke! ;b

  2. I am not a Karaoke fan either, but sometimes it's too funny ! I had to do it once to, fortunately there was a song which was mostly spoken and not really a song. I didn't know that there were Karaoke classes !