Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Lunch at ABC Brickworks market and food centre ABC砖厂巴刹和熟食中心吃午餐

I went to a lunch gathering at ABC Brickworks market and food centre arranged by several retired civil servant friends. As they are familiar with the place, I let them do the ordering of dishes.

Highly recommended was this Havelock Road Block 50 Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee. They ordered a plate of this old school noodle (S$4) for me. The noodles soaked up the flavourful soup and was delicious. I uncovered strips of boiled pork belly buried within the noodles. The squid and prawns, which are kept in a refrigerator displayed at the front of the stall, were really fresh!

My friends ordered three types of roast meats from Fatty Cheong's Roasts. I shared some of their dishes and ordered roast pork belly for takeaway. Hubby loves the crispy skin.

I ordered a pork chop and a pork cheese sausage from Wow Wow West Western Food to share with my friends. They tried the sausage and like it although I find it slightly salty. The pork chop was disappointing because it tasted bitter. The lady boss was informed and she said it was probably due to the meat tenderiser.

I wanted to order a power chendol but the stall does not open until 12.30 pm, so I had an iced milk tea instead.

Before I left, I went to see Hainanese baker Joy who had just removed a tray of freshly baked cranberry red bean butter cakes from the oven. The aroma of the butter cakes made me drool.

Joy was happy to see me; informing me that many Hainanese people came to buy her cakes and tapioca kuehs after reading my reviews of her products on Hainanese Facebook pages.

I was happy for her and bought some cakes to bring to the clan for our elders.

There are another few stalls which my friends recommended, I will try on my next trip. I took pictures of the stalls so that I know what to order then. LOL


朋友推荐这家老夫妻档经营的乌桥头大牌50炒福建虾面。高汤焖煮的黄面条和米粉加入焯熟的三层肉,新鲜的虾和鱿鱼,炒好的面条一点都不干。有我小时候吃的那股古早味, 价格非常合理, 小盘的S$4。

排队买了肥仔祥的脆皮烧肉给老公, 这么一点点要S$6! 在西餐档买了猪扒和猪肉起司香肠, 不料猪扒苦苦的, 好失望。

我探望卖蛋糕的海南麦Joy, 买了老公爱吃的烘木薯糕和椰子塔。Joy介绍了她新鲜出炉的蔓越莓红豆奶油蛋糕和香脆的杏仁酥。买了一些糕点和饼干回公会给长辈们尝一尝。他们吃过都赞好。


  1. roast pork! My whole family are crazy about roast pork LOL

  2. Only my hubby is crazy about roast pork... the krak krak haha....