Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Little India : Deepavali Bazaar 2016 屠妖节2016年货市集

Deepavali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, falls on 30th October (Sunday) this year. With two overseas Chinese friends, we dropped by Little India to soak in the festivities and admire the colourful decorations. The streets of Little India was decorated with bright colours. There are giant structures of 20 m-tall peacocks on Serangoon Road for us to take photos with.

I brought my guests to the Indian Heritage Centre and we found a bustling street full of stalls selling Indian ethnic clothes, henna, costume jewellery, ornamental decorations, festive cookies, traditional sweets and delicacies in front of the building.

My foreign guests were ecstatic and had a fun time exploring the stalls and buying Indian costume jewellery. They tried on a couple of beautiful sarees but found them too revealing, their families might forbid them to wear it in China. They paid for henna tattoos to be painted on their right hand. It was an enjoyable experience for them.

One Indian stallholder could speak Mandarin and he told the ladies the story behind Deepavali which commemorates the victory of light over darkness and good over evil.

We picked up a few Indian vocabulary from him..... just for the fun of it. haha....

We were offered food samplings at a few food stalls. Some of the Indian snacks were so tasty, my guests bought quite a lot to bring home as souvenirs for relatives and friends.

Finally I had to stopped them from shopping as it was time for lunch, also I was worried they would have to pay extra for excess luggage at the airport. haha.....

为了庆祝十月三十日的屠妖节, 小印度大街小巷到处都张灯结彩,热闹非凡。

带了两位外国朋友到小印度逛逛, 感受一下印度风情和屠妖节的气息, 顺便走一趟屠妖节年货市集。市集里售卖的年货有五彩缤纷的节日装饰品、鲜花、传统服装、首饰、零食、手部彩绘、灯饰、及糕点摊位等等,应有尽有。朋友们试穿斑斓夺目的印度传统服装, 她们还在手上画 Henna印度彩绘。这一趟小印度游让她们大开眼界, 尽兴而归!

逛了夜市,朋友们买了一些纪念品和食物当手信, 我们就打道回府。


  1. That time, i went, the bazaar not ready yet, only the decorations...

    1. You may want to visit again, many more decorations and the bazaar is crowded.