Sunday, June 19, 2016

Singapore's Youngest Teochew Opera Performer 新加坡年龄最小的潮剧演员


A friend told me to look out for the youngest Teochew opera performer when I informed her I would be attending the Chinese Opera Grand Opening Festival.

The little girl is 4-year-old Goh Wee Ann from Joo Chiat Teochew Opera. She looked so tiny on the stage. Bright lights and a large audience in front of her did not faze her. Amazing that at her tender age, she does not have stage fright.

She charmed all of us with her performance of traditional Teochew opera.

I managed to "corner" her after her performance and coaxed her to pose for me. She is such a natural model, making several poses once I clicked my camera. I was smiling behind my camera. Others saw me snapping photos of her and started doing the same. That startled her and she ran to her maternal grandmother and hid behind her.


The strangers didn't seem to give up... one of my friends asked the grandmother for permission to have a photo with little Wee Ann. She requested my help to take a picture but after two clicks, little Wee Ann pouted and ran off. She was probably tired and too many people wanted to have a picture with her.

I was in the dressing room snapping pictures of the performers when I spotted Wee Ann and her mother Madam Chua who gladly posed for a photo together.

Madam Chua recalled that Wee Ann started learning and performing Teochew opera when she was 3 years old and she was still on milk bottle. Once a performance onstage had to be put on hold for a few minutes to wait for Wee Ann as she was having her feed backstage.

Little Wee Ann's grandmother revealed that her granddaughter doesn't speak Teochew but sings Teochew opera. Amazing. Wee Ann is such a charming performer, I wish her all the best and hope to see her perform more often.  


自3岁起学习潮剧的吴委恩, 是如切潮剧团年龄最小的潮剧演员。6月18日,吴委恩粉墨登场饰演王宝钏, 为大家呈现潮剧《红鬃烈马》之《大登殿》。活泼可爱的吴委恩站在舞台上, 面对数百观众毫不怯场, 奉献出亮眼表现。喜爱与支持她的安哥安娣们给予她最热情的掌声与欢呼声。真棒!

爱好潮剧的外婆李炎珍几年前先加入潮剧团,妈妈蔡宛玲两年前也加入了潮剧团,后来轮到委恩, 三代同堂一起练习表演潮剧。从小接触传统华族文化的吴委恩,拥有与同龄小孩不一样的经验。

希望能看到吴委恩小妹妹更多精彩的演出。 加油!

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