Friday, May 20, 2016

Traditional Teochew Wedding Cakes and Pastries 潮州喜饼

wedding snacks
assortment of peanut candies, traditional cakes and sweet pastries

Accompanied a friend to a traditional Teochew cake shop to order traditional wedding cakes for her son's bethrothal gift ceremony.

Glad that there are both traditional Chinese wedding cakes and Western ones. The traditional Chinese pastries are called "Happiness Cakes".

To the older generation of Teochews, the giving of wedding cakes shows respect and importance about the wedding. The bridegroom will send the cakes packed in specially designed boxes to the bride and her family after engagement, which refers to (过大礼).

Traditional wedding cakes (For bride's family to distribute to relatives)

wedding cakes

The bride's family will present some of the cakes to worship their ancestors, and distribute the rest to their relatives and friends along with wedding invitations.


朋友的儿子婚礼前举行潮州过大礼 (也就是下订,双方定了这门亲事), 她特地到潮州传统糕饼店购买喜饼馈赠亲友。这家店纯手工制造糕饼, 潮州传统喜饼有 - ‘五色糖’,豆沙饼、明糖、豆润、豆贡和老嫲糕一应俱全。

喜见这家传统糕饼店也卖西式糕点, 我个人喜欢吃这些美味又漂亮的蛋糕。

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