Saturday, May 21, 2016

Do-It-Yourself Spring Rolls 自己动手做春卷馅包春卷


On the eve of Vesak Day, my hubby reminded me to cook vegetarian meals for the next day. I went grocery shopping at the supermarket and saw turnips, I decided to make popiah (spring rolls).

After peeling the turnips and carrots, I shredded them to make the filling. Then I stir-fried them and let them cool.


I went to a traditional popiah skin making shop to buy their handmade wraps. The shop was closed at 1.30 pm but I could call them to make an order. For a small family, I only needed half a kilogramme which has 15 - 20 popiah skins. I also ordered some kueh pie tee cups.

Early on Vesak Day morning, I woke up to prepare the necessary fillings and condiments. My son wants meat in his meal so I have to cook some Chinese sausages and boiled eggs for him. By 7.30 am, breakfast was ready.


I was glad to see my son enjoying his spring rolls, he wrapped 5 huge popiahs and ate another 5 kueh pie tees. He usually doesn't eat vegetables. Ever since he was a kid, he has always enjoyed wrapping his own spring rolls.

My hubby enjoyed his vegetarian spring rolls tremendously. And already he is asking for popiah on his fortnightly vegan days. I find it a lot of hassle to make spring rolls.... once every 3 months would be fine. :P

卫塞节前夕, 老公提醒我第二天必须准备素食, 他全天吃素。

为老公准备了斋餐 - "自己动手包春卷"和娘惹杯饼*。也没忘了不吃斋的儿子, 给他加了腊肠和鸡蛋。看到平时不爱吃蔬菜的儿子享用着他的春卷,我很高兴。他眨眼间包了5个条大春卷还吃了5个娘惹杯饼。他还是一个孩子时,总是爱自己包春卷。

*娘惹杯饼 - 融合华人及马来人料理特色的娘惹料理, 用包春卷的料放在杯状的甜味酥脆薄饼里, 好吃!

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  1. Turnips are sure good. Haven't made egg rolls for a long time.
    Coffee is on