Sunday, May 22, 2016

Geylang Serai Market and Hawker Centre 芽笼士乃巴刹与熟食中心


Had to go Geylang Serai Market to buy some cooking ingredients.

I seldom eat or go marketing at Geylang Serai Market and Hawker Centre although it is not too far from my residence. It is a hassle getting to the place as there is no direct bus from my place to the hawker centre.

Whenever I want to cook Malay dishes, I would shop for ingredients there. After my marketing, I would have a meal or have takeaways at several of my favourite food stalls.

My favourite takeaway are the Malay kuehs (cake) Kole-kole and Lapis Beras. There were two new items that day : Putri Salat and Talam Chendol, so I bought one each to taste. Maybe I have got accustomed to less sugar in my meals these days, I find these kuehs too sweet. They are still as delicious.


Although I have been to the hawker centre many times, I usually eat at my favourite stalls and have not tasted food from the other stalls. A friend recommended a traditional Malay cendol which I tried this time.  

Price at S$1.50 a bowl, this simple pandan flavoured eggy cendol comes with a ball of shaved ice and gula melaka syrup in slightly diluted coconut milk. No red beans. It was too sweet for me, but I like the eggy taste of the cendol.  


I fought hard and resisted eating a rice dish but my will weakened at the sight of the delicious Padang dishes. It was too tempting so I ordered a Panggang chicken, my favourite sambal eggplant and a bergedil on top of rice. It cost me S$7.80!

The server told me the chicken cost S$4.50, so the few pieces of eggplant, small bergedil and rice cost S$3.30!? That's expensive.


On my way home, I saw the popular putu piring stall, so I joined the long queue. I bought two packets (5 small ones for S$2 in a packet) since I queued a long time for them. Turned out the quality of the putu piring has dropped a lot. Decided to take it off my to-eat list...., the nasi padang stall too. ish.

我本来就很喜欢吃马来食物, 芽笼士乃市场楼上这个熟食中心里面有一些我最喜欢的食物。我很少去芽笼士乃市场买菜或去它的小贩中心吃, 虽然它离我住处不远。但从我住处没有直接的公交车去芽笼士乃, 很麻烦。

这天我要煮马来菜肴, 就不得不去芽笼士乃市场买一些食材。买完去楼上的熟食中心, 有许多受欢迎的摊位前排着长队, 想念马来风味的食物就跟着人们排队。


第一次品尝这碗马来传统煎蕊。没有红豆, 只有綠色粉條、刨冰、椰糖和薄稀椰浆。好甜!香兰味綠色粉條有一股鸡蛋味, 还不错吃。

看到海格的Putu Piring店在这里也有摊位, 打包一些给家人吃。。。 食物大失水准, 真让人生气。

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