Monday, May 23, 2016

Halal Chicken Abalone Rice Dumplings 清真鸡肉鲍鱼粽子


Spent a Sunday afternoon with a group of ladies to learn making halal chicken abalone rice dumplings and another 3 dishes in Marsiling Community Centre.

The journey from my home in the east to the community centre at Admiralty Road took me two hours. *tiring* Looking for the building on a hot and humid afternoon was frustrating, it was my first visit and I wasn't familiar with the north part of Singapore.

Fortunately I had a map and my sense of direction wasn't too bad. I arrived at the venue just as the sharing was about to commence.


The lady who shared her recipe with us was Florence. She distributed bamboo leaves which she had kindly washed and trimmed before the class commenced, for us to practise how to wrap the filling.

There were 20 ladies in the small classroom. And we were glad to see a Muslim sister who was so enthusiastic to learn how to make rice dumplings.


Florence had prepared the filling for the rice dumplings and even made some rice dumplings at home the day before to distribute to us. Such a sweet and considerate lady.

We had a hands-on session on wrapping and tying the rice dumplings. Then they were put into a huge pot to boil for one and a half hours.


When the dumplings were done, Florence cut them and distributed to us for tasting. Lovely savoury dumplings .....  we had fun trying to pick the piece which has a tiny bit of abalone. The lucky ladies jumped for joy as if they had struck lottery. hahaha.....

一个星期天下午, 与一班爱烹饪的发烧友一起学习制作清真鸡肉鲍鱼粽子。我们当中还有一位友族同胞, 她学得很认真, 导师教学也详细。我们都有机会自己动手包粽子。包好的粽子被放入一个大锅中煮一个半小时。

粽子煮熟, 大家都等不及品尝清真粽子。吃着自己包的粽子, 太开心了!

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