Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Lunch Time at Takashimaya Basement Food Court 午餐时间在乌节路高岛屋


Met up with a friend in Orchard Road and we had lunch at Takashimaya basement food court. I recommended the stall that sells delicious Indonesian rice sets. I had the Nasi Opor Ayam (Indonesian dish, chicken cooked in coconut milk S$6.90). It was so delicious! I must ask my Indonesian friends to get me the recipe for this dish.


My friend ordered their promotional set (S$9.90) which consisted of Ayam Panggang (grilled chicken), curry vegetables and two sticks of chicken satay. The chilli sauce was super spicy!

This promotion is for a limited time only.


My hubby came to meet us for dessert. We past by a concession stall that has a long, long queue of people. There were about 60 people in the queue.

I went closer for a look and discovered that they were queuing for egg tarts from a popular Hong Kong bakery! The next day would be their last day in Singapore.

Hubby asked if we want to try these egg tarts. My friend doesn't fancy these sweet tarts so we didn't join the queue.


We queued for some bread and pastries at a famous Japanese bakery instead. This is the second time I am buying their breads as they are quite pricey. The breads which I bought on my previous visit were freshly baked and tasted fabulously delicious.

I am cutting down on carbohydrates these days, so we just buy one piece each.


The above foods were my favourites a few months ago. Now I am avoiding them due to my diet meal plan. LOL

It's great to be losing weight and feeling healthier.

午饭时间和朋友在乌节路高岛屋地下室美食广场吃印尼椰奶鸡饭套餐。太好吃了!我想学煮这道菜, 必须向我的印尼朋友们讨食谱。

吃过午饭, 我们经过一个特许经营摊位, 看到这些人在抢购香港蛋塔! 这个著名的蛋挞店来自香港, 隔天是它在新加坡销售的最后一天。我们到一家日本著名的面包店排队买一些新鲜美味的面包。

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  1. Aaah, Takeshimaya. I have good memories of the Orchard Road branch -- and also Isetan. :)