Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Free Haircut for the Elderly 为乐龄免费理发


I accompanied my hubby to Hougang to do community work. Every third Wednesday at Block 156 Hougang Street 11, Workers' Party members and volunteers would provide free hair cut for the elderly residents (age 60 and above).

On that morning there were 6 hair stylists who volunteered their hair cutting service. I was glad to see a familiar face helping at the event. He is George, the ex-President of Mensa Singapore, we once worked together on several community projects.

George is in charge of breakfast for the senior citizens. He and another volunteer were busy making hot beverages and also handing out cakes, biscuits and cut fruits. The senior citizens ate their breakfast or have a cup of hot beverage while waiting for their turns for a free haircut.


Member of Parliament Chen Show Mao was chatting with the senior citizens but came over to say "Hello." He thanked the volunteers for helping. As he had an interview appointment, he excused himself and sat with the interviewer at the far end of the void deck.  

There were only 25 residents who came for the haircut that morning. Usually there are between 30 to 50 people. With 6 hair stylists working hard, the queue was quickly cleared. We helped to sweep and clean up the place before going for breakfast at a nearby coffee shop.

陪我先生做社区服务。每个月的第3个星期三, 工人党成员和义工们为社区里有需要的年长者免费理发。当天25名乐龄居民参加6名志愿者理发师所提供的免费理发。每个乐龄居民还能享用早餐和热饮。阿裕尼集选区国会议员陈硕茂走了过来和我们打招呼。

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