Saturday, April 09, 2016

Butter Coffee 牛油咖啡

butter coffee

For a long time, I have seen my Dad putting butter into his coffee but I have yet to taste one.

One early morning, we went to this old coffee shop at North Bridge Road to try their specialty -- butter coffee. Time seemed to stand still as I watched the elderly Mr  Shi, who was wearing the comfortable ah pek white singlet and a pair of striped pyjamas pants, personally brew the butter coffee for us. The old world charms of traditional kopitiam.

Heap Seng Leong's traditional kopi gu you (butter coffee) did not look extraordinary, but it has an old school taste.  The coffee was thick and smooth.... with a slight saltiness.

Found the old school steamed bread with thick slabs of butter being served here too. It's been decades since I ate this!

踏进这家传统咖啡店, 好象回到了古时候的新加坡。叫了[协胜隆]特色 - 牛油咖啡和我好久没有吃的蒸牛油面包。徐老先生亲自为我们泡了一杯富有古早味的咖啡乌加牛油。大家来怀旧一下。


  1. Sounds delicious to me ~ Our 'elders' have some good ideas ~

    Happy Weekend to you, ^_^

  2. Our elders are truly wise and they use their brains. haha....

    Happy weekend!