Monday, April 11, 2016

Nostalgic Coffee Shop at South Bridge Road 怀旧咖啡店


We were at Chinatown to buy some traditional Chinese cakes and stopped by this coffee shop for hot beverages. As there were not many customers at the shop, we couldn't resist posing for pictures when we saw the mini museum in a corner.


Check out these old coffee brewing equipment on an olden day charcoal water boiler with cup warmer. 


olden days coffee beans roaster


haha..... we remember this! Tikam-tikam (a Malay vocabulary) means random pick. It's an old traditional game which was very popular in the 60’s, 70's and 80’s.

Small pieces of papers were folded up and pasted onto a large cardboard. On each piece of paper, a number was written. The prizes were numbered and displayed. It cost 5 cents to pick one of the many pieces of paper. You could win one of the prizes if the number on your paper corresponded to that found on it.


My husband attempted to show off his waiting skills. Looks like he passed the test. hahaha....

在牛车水这间咖啡店喝茶时, 被一旁的怀旧咖啡店展览角落吸引。古色古香的咖啡豆烘焙机、早期的沖煮咖啡器具、 祝君早安毛巾、古早咖啡杯等唤起我的童年回忆。

乘顾客不多, 快快拍了几张照片。嘻嘻。。。


  1. Wow! Never seen before such old coffee brewing equipments! Now I feel like have a cup of coffee! :)

  2. Panda MIA big time!
    I think you can still find such old coffee brewing equipment in some Malaysian small towns.