Thursday, April 07, 2016

Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) Exhibition : Declassified – Corruption Matters 新加坡贪污调查局 : “贪污解密”展览

Singapore's first Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew's zero tolerance of corruption 

This morning I went to The National Library with my husband to observe the opening ceremony of Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau's (CPIB) exhibition : Declassified – Corruption Matters.


Launched by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, the exhibition provides an insight into Singapore’s battle against corruption.

Some greedy individuals exploited loopholes to line their pockets with ill-gotten gains.  They need to be exposed and brought to justice.


Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and CPIB director Wong Hong Kuan touring the CPIB Exhibition located on the ground level of The National Library.

After PM Lee left, I spent about 2 hours going through the declassified case archives on display and a video on the investigations of some high profile cases. Some of them were complicated yet intriguing, salute to the investigation officers who were dedicated to the mission of fighting corruption.


According to the statistics revealed by CPIB, there is a spike in the number of complaints. In 2014, the bureau received 736 complaints; it received 877 complaints last year, almost 20% higher than in 2014.

123 uncompleted cases were brought forward from 2014. bringing the total number of cases handled by the bureau in 2015 to 678. It was the highest number of cases handled by CPIB in the past three years.

Seems like lots of complaints (and piling up) and uncompleted cases but not enough investigation officers to investigate or too many cases to handle so efficiency suffers.


CPIB Exhibition : Declassified – Corruption Matters will be held from 7 April to 22 May 2016 at the ground level of The National Library.

新加坡贪污调查局 : “贪污解密”展览 (4月7日至5月22日(星期天))

今天上午我和先生去观看贪污调查局主办的“贪污解密”展览, 由新加坡总理李显龙主持开幕仪式。

我花了大约2个小时,阅读一些展出的解密贪污罪档案案记录和观看一个关于调查局人员们分享调查高知名度贪污案件的视频。这几起高知名度贪污案件十分吸引我兴趣, 一些事也让人震惊。

无论新加坡制度有多么严格,有些人还是会利用漏洞破坏规定。近几年新加坡还是出现了几起严重的腐败案,这是发现了处理了的,还有没有被发现的。新加坡贪污调查局必须要严肃认真地查处贪污、受贿、贿赂等腐败犯罪, 狡猾的犯罪分子被发现时必须接受法律的制裁。



  1. Some interesting corruption cases.... if visitors are into crimes and investigation work, this is a good place to start.