Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Vanishing Teochew Dishes At East Coast Lagoon Food Village 东海岸人工湖熟食村将消失的潮州美食


When I was told this Teochew seafood and claypot stall at East Coast Lagoon Food Village was closing down on the 10th April, I have not even heard of its name.

I am a frequent diner at this seaside hawker centre. But I am a small eater, I only patronise some stalls for my favourite dishes, the rest of them I have not bothered to check them out.


So yesterday evening, we invited a foodie friend to East Coast Lagoon Food Village for dinner. We took a leisurely stroll along the coast line to the food centre.

Despite the haze, the park was beautiful and tranquil with a handful of visitors doing their exercises. We were grateful for the refreshing sea breeze that cooled us as we walked.

My wonderful foodie friend who has tasted almost all the food stalls here, ordered a variety of local delicacies such as satay, BBQ chicken wings and coconut juice. From the seafood stall, we ordered its famous claypot salted vegetable and duck soup (Kiam Chye Ark Soup), oyster omelette and prawn fritter.


The claypot dish looks ordinary but one taste of the soup..... it was flavourful and delicious! Just like how I would cook it at home. The duck meat was so tender, it just fell off the bones. The pickled mustard just melt in the mouth. This soup makes me yearn for more and I want to cook it at home soon.


The stall's signature prawn fritters looks unappealing but it is a great snack. I like the thin and crispy crust with a thin layer of fresh prawn cake and water chestnut in between. I did not eat it with the plum sauce dip. Here is another dish I could whip up at home. *smile*


The oyster omelette was another sinful dish. The layer of thick golden yellow omelette was topped with fresh big oysters. I prefer a thin and crispy omelette.

Although their black pepper crab, seafood fried rice and claypot sea cucumber are popular, we did not try them as there was too much food for the three of us who were trying hard to lose weight. haha.....


朋友告诉我,在东海岸人工湖熟食村有个潮州海鲜档以黑胡椒螃蟹、咸菜鸭汤和海鲜煎饼等招牌菜闻名, 将在4月10日歇业。虽然我经常去这个海边小贩中心用餐, 但我没有听说过它的名字。我只光顾某些 摊位, 叫我爱吃的熟食, 剩下的摊贩我没有费心去品尝。

昨天晚上,我们邀请美食家友人去吃。这一摊的咸菜鸭汤, 好棒。汤看起来平平无奇,亲自品尝过后才懂得其中滋味。超大一片, 薄薄的海鲜煎饼香脆可口, 只是海鲜料我觉得不太多就是了。厚厚的蚝煎鋪上了几只大蚝, 我比较喜欢薄脆的蚝煎。

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