Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Homemade Hainanese Yi Buah 自制海南薏粑

Steamed Hainanese Yi Buah

The traditional Hainanese Yi Buah is made from glutinous rice flour, amply filled with shredded coconut, sesame, ginger and peanuts. One of the few vanishing Hainanese snacks, they are usually eaten at special occasions such as weddings and birthdays.

For this Qingming Festival, we offered home made Hainanese yi buah during our ancestors worship ceremony.

fragrant coconut filling wrapped by a thin pastry skin

My sister-in-law's homemade yi buah is well-known and popular in our Hainan Tan Clan Association. Whenever my sister-in-law brings them for ancestor worship ceremony, you could see the members looking longingly at them and would devour our yi buah mindlessly when offered. Some would even steal the yi buahs when we were not looking. *disgusted*

fried yo buah
Pan fried Hainanese Yi Buah

Our delicious yi buah is indeed rare because the skin of the pastry is thin and is amply filled with a fragrant coconut filling. There were offers to pay S$1.50 for one yi buah but we do not have the time to take orders as it requires lots of hard work to make them. 

yi buah making
Learning to make Hainanese yi buah 

In order not to lose the skill of making this traditional Hainanese snack, as a Hainanese daughter-in-law, I decided to learn to make Hainanese yi buah from my sister-in-law during the Winter Solstice celebrations. My first attempt was successful under the watchful eye of my sister-in-law.

We do not stinge on the ingredients and use good quality products to make the snacks. The whole house would be filled with the aroma of the fried coconut filling. Every one in the house just could not wait to taste the first tray of yi buah!

We are always happy to gift yi buah because it is a sharing of blessings and good fortune. Traditional handmade yi buah is not easy to find today. Learn to make it then.

为清明节祭祖, 我们家做的海南薏粑。

以椰子为主馅的海南传统小吃, 海南薏粑(ba第三声)已经被列为“中华名小吃”。 薏粑象征喜庆、团聚、吉祥、幸福、甜蜜、芬芳、丰收、欢乐、友好、情意。


馅料有椰丝、碎花生、碎芝麻、 姜絲和椰糖。

夫家都是海南人,我们一家大大小小都爱吃。姑姑制作的传统海南薏粑是出了名的! 糯米皮蒸得柔软、滑润而不粘, 皮薄馅料饱满, 香浓味美。超好吃!

身为海南媳妇的我, 快快学做海南薏粑, 以免它失传。那么我们就可以在任何时候都有得吃。 (✪‿✪)★

为庆祝冬至, 与姑姑一起制作海南薏粑。姑姑不惜重本用顶级材料 : 进口有机花生, 文冬姜, 印尼椰糖等。哇, 一屋子的椰子香! 大家都好期待第一盘薏粑出炉!

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