Monday, April 04, 2016

Teochew Png Kueh 潮州饭桃粿

Teochew png kueh

My aunt sent us some Teochew Png Kueh (glutinous rice cakes) which she made for the ancestor worship during Qingming festival.

I pan fried them for our breakfast.

png kueh2

I have been too busy to make my own glutinous rice cakes. It requires a lot of time and I have to take care of two families.

My first attempt at making this traditional Teochew snack was not perfect. I made the cakes in both big and mini sizes. They didn't look good but at least they were delicious. After a few practices, my png kueh making skill has improved.

姑姑给我们送来了一些自制的潮州饭桃,这是她为清明节祭祖做的。我们第2天的早餐就有著落了。饭桃粿也是老公爱吃的其中一道传统美食。我把饭桃煎到两面金黄, 外层脆脆当早餐。

我第一次尝试做传统潮州饭桃时, 成品丑丑的。。。 但好吃。在这之后,做了几次, 成品有进步。

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