Sunday, March 20, 2016

Visit to Ancestral Village 回祖籍家乡探亲


Took half a day off to visit my relatives in the village. They were so happy to see me, they prepared a sumptuous home cook lunch to welcome me.

Except for the fish which a family friend bought, the poultry were raised in their backyard and they grow their own vegetables. Even the rice we ate was from their padi fields which yield almost 200 katis (120 kg) a year. Excess rice grains are sold.


Free-range chickens and geese roaming in the back yard. They were raised for a year for the Chinese New Year Reunion dinner when all the youngsters working in different cities would come home for the celebrations.

That day, one of each was prematurely sacrificed for my lunch. ;D


Cooking the famous Wenchang chicken for my lunch :)

The banterings and aroma of food in our home attracted some neighbours who simply walked in to our party. They were warmly invited to join us for lunch which they happily accepted.


The neighbour next door brought me these cute bunnies to play with ..... sad to know that they are not going to be kept as pets. *sob sob*

Hainan village

乘我有空闲的时间回祖籍家乡探亲,家乡还有伯伯姑姑们几家人。他们留我吃中饭, 我也到厨房里帮着大家。他们宰杀鸡鹅时, 我不敢看。


海南人的餐桌上,但逢宴会聚餐,文昌鸡是不可少的喔!传统的吃法是白斩,最能体现文昌鸡鲜美嫩滑的原汁原味; 同时配以鸡油鸡汤煮的鸡饭。

很难得吃到自家养的鸡鹅, 就连蔬菜和白米全部都是自家田里种的。受到家人的热情款待,感受了血浓于水的乡情。


  1. I like rabbit meat. But I get mine from the store. I think bunnies are cuddle and don't think I could raise them for meat.
    Do you live far from your family. One of my cousin trace quite ways on my mom side and actual she went to all the towns they lived.
    Coffee is on

    1. I don't eat rabbit meat. Looking at the cute bunnies, I couldn't bear to eat them!
      They are my family in Hainan Island,China. It is about 2180 km from my place, 3 and a half hours' flight.