Monday, March 21, 2016

Seafood in Hainan 海南海鲜

crabs hele

When in Hainan, visitors must try the fresh seafood. I am constantly amazed to see my dinner splashing in the tanks. There is an abundance of crabs, king prawns, mussels, fish, oysters and squid.

Hele crab, famous for its hard shell and thick crab meat, originates from Hele Town near Wanning (south of Hainan Island). It is usually steamed, then served with ginger and garlic in vinegar.

I am not particularly fond of crabs because I don't like getting my fingers dirty. But my Chinese hosts love serving them whenever there's a fresh catch.


The clams are gigantic! 

Haikou seafood

Everyday in Hainan, I had seafood for lunch, I had seafood for dinner. I was getting worried about the high cholesterol foods. Whenever there were vegetables on the table, I would eat more of it. :)

来海南是必须品尝海鲜的。。。 在海南, 我天天吃海鲜, 午餐吃海鲜, 晚餐吃海鲜。从餐厅到酒楼。。。 打边炉、烧烤、清蒸 - 不同风味的海鲜大餐。

到了餐厅, 看到水族箱里都是活生生的大蛤、螃蟹、活魚、活蝦和琅满目的贝类, 下一刻就成为我的盘中餐。

Wanning braise goose

We were in Wanning one day for lunch at a small eatery serving live seafood in tanks. I was more impressed with the delicious clear fish soup and the braised goose.

The Hainanese braised goose and our Teochew braised goose are so different. Each has its own unique taste. I like both.

I don't know what is the name of the fish.... it was swimming happily in the tank before it ended in my bowl. -_-


在万宁吃午饭,领导是个吃货, 为我们点了红焖鹅、鲜鱼汤、白灼虾等... 食材新鲜,味道不错。