Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hainan Island Tropical Fruits 海南热带水果


Back in Haikou the next morning, after breakfast I went shopping for fruits. Discovered some weird fruits, so bought a couple to try.

I have never come across this yellow fruit which is known by many names such as "the fruit of immortality," egg fruit, Yellow Sapote or the canistel. It tastes like sweet potato. I don't like it.


买了两颗尝鲜一下, 我是见所未见, 最初不知道该怎么吃。初食者可能会不习惯这鸡蛋果,会觉得有少许怪味, 它的口感粉粉甜甜和番薯差不多。1斤8元。


This fruit which looks like a sea cucumber is an African horned cucumber or kiwano. I don't like the taste which is like a cucumber with a slight sourish taste. Tastes better with honey.

这外表金黄,内心深绿般的新奇水果是低糖, 有营养的火参果, 又名非洲角黃瓜或刺角瓜。买了一颗尝鲜了一下,食用时感觉味道有点像黄瓜。加入蜂蜜拌匀还算可口!




Couldn't resist buying my favourite fruit. The mangoes were so huge! Bought two species for over RMB 300. Both are sweet and juicy. The green ones have long, flat seeds.

海南芒果品种很多 - 带几个海南大芒果回来, 整个房子充满了浓郁的芒果香。芒果肉多香甜而多汁。


  1. That Yellow Sapote fruit, we had it in Sabah recently. In Sabah, they call it buah lemak or mentega (butter) fruit. My mum loves it, me not so much.

  2. Seems like Sabah has some unusual fruits too. Would love to visit one day.

    The yellow sapote in Hainan didn't taste buttery, maybe the ones in Sabah havea different taste. Hope to try it one day.