Friday, March 04, 2016

Singapore Teochew Group Chinese New Year Celebration

STG CNY 2016

The Singapore Teochew Group held a Chinese New Year Celebration on the evening of 20 Feb 2015. More than 100 Teochews came for the event.

stg 18

We had buffet dinner which consisted of some traditional Teochew food.

stg 13

We had some sporting Teochew brothers and sisters who participated in the games and made us laugh with their attempts to win prizes.

stg 6

Several brothers and sisters performed Teochew dramas and sang Chinese New Year songs.

stg 7

Every one looked forward to the lucky draws which included gift vouchers and coach tickets to Malacca. I was lucky and got a small prize. Thanks to the sponsors for the prizes.

Had a wonderful evening communicating in Teochew with kakinang (fellow Teochews) at this gathering.

潮州民系新春联谊聚会团拜 (2月20日)
吃自助晚餐, 吃自助晚餐潮曲演唱, 玩游戏, 幸运抽奖 .... 与家己人有说有笑, 渡过一个愉快的晚上 。。。 用潮州话说说笑笑,好亲切。 恭祝大家新年如意吉祥!

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