Thursday, March 03, 2016

Mizu Shingen Mochi 水信玄饼


Found this refreshingly cool dessert on a hot day in Johor Bahru. This looks like a large drop of water.... it's a Japanese Water Cake (mizu shingen mochi). It's actually tasteless but the young boss Rons added osmanthus fragrans flowers for a sweet subtle taste and served with syrup and peanut powder. The texture is so delicate that it melts in 30 minutes under room temperature, so no takeaways.

这个甜品叫水信玄饼 ,没有味道的,但年轻的老板加入桂花增加一点香甜的微妙味道, 配搭糖浆还有花生粉。在室温环境下, 水信玄饼必须在30分钟内吃完,超过这个时间它就会变成一滩水。

We were celebrating our 27th Valentine's Day in Johor Bahru, starting with my favourite breakfast of Hainanese Chicken Chop and tea with evaporated milk.


Had a tour of the Hindu temple, Sri Raja Mariamman Temple and a walk through JB Little India. We stopped to buy some traditional coconut bread and the popular triangular curry puffs at Salahuddin Bakery.

We went to a nearby mall to have a bowl of yummy icy cendol and chanced upon the Japanese water cake. Sweet desserts for a sweet day. :)