Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Eastcoastlife's Crazy Tag Day!

munaks from Kenya, now residing in KL, tagged me. See, the different nationality of bloggers I have for friends. From all over the globe and any place that you can think of - eastcoastlife has them! :D Am I great or what? hehehe... I love you all!

Layer One:On The Outside
Name : eastcoastlife
Birth Date : er.. ah... May ... coming soon!
Current status : lack of lover (this year not married yet! :D)
Eye Colour : Dark brown
Hair Colour : white dye black
Righty or Lefty : both becos right hand kena bashed mah!

Layer Two :On The Inside
Your Heritage : Chinese
Your Fears : no more sex
Your Weakness : tofu heart
Your Perfect Pizza : Pharma Ham Pizza with extra cheese

Layer Three :Yesterday, Today , Tomorrow
Your Thoughts First thing when I wake up : How many comments on my last blog post?
Your Bedtime : ungodly hours
Your Most Missed Memory : Jaymes when he was a talkative toddler

Layer Four : Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke : Pepsi
McDonald’s or Burger King : Burger King for Whopper
Single or Group Dates : Single (romantic and then .......)
Adidas or Nike : Never
Tea or Nestea : Teh-si anytime, man!
Chocolate or Vanilla : Chocolate! I'm a chocoholic mah!
Cappucino or Coffee : I cannot lim (drink) kopi

Layer Five : Do You..
Smoke : Yes!!! People say I'm hot, so of course I smoke. Oh, not this smoke ah? Then, no.
Curse: Oh Heaven forbid lah! I don’t curse (I just f**k those who piss me off!)
Take a shower : Never. I pon pon lah! Bathe.
Have a crush : I am always in crush with a witty man, ; )
Think you’ve been in love: ya, I am in love... with myself
Go to school : Yeah
Want to get married : Can I get unmarried?
Believe in yourself : Never waver
Think you’re a health freak : sort of

Layer Six : In The Past Month
Drank alcohol : Never, I scared I'll spit out all my desires when I get drunk
Gone to the mall : there is no where else to go in Singapore
Been on stage : yup
Eaten sushi : Love it but try not to eat too much, play shares, dun wan to lose until die mah! 输死!
Dyed your hair : yup... white to black only lah, think I so heow!

Layer Seven : Have You Ever..
Played A Stripping Game : Yeah!! (wah urs so big one, wah urs so thick one, hohoho so small lah u, ei ... botak? how u do it?)
Changed Who You Were To Fit In : yup, when I was with the MIWs, malu lah!

Layer Eight : Age
You’re Hoping To Be Married : Again?....hmm... hehehe...

Layer Nine : In a Girl/Guy
Best Eye Colour : Hazel
Best Hair Colour : Black
Short Hair or Long Hair : short hair, spiky

Layer Ten : What Were You Doing
1 Min Ago : answering this shit
1 Hour Ago : tokking on ping.sg
4.5 Hours Ago : Sleeping
1 Month Ago : Hospitalised for illness
1 Year Ago: Forgot, old already

Layer Eleven : Finish The Sentence
I Love : blogging
I Feel : Horny
I Hate : civil servants
I Hide : my fats
I Need : employees whom I can trust

Layer Twelve : Tag five people..
Ok this is where people wanna hang me, strangle me, whack me (I can read your thoughts, guys! hehehe.....) :


What the heck! It's Eastcoastlife's Crazy Tag Day! (arggghh, should have done it on Friday the 13th!)

lb, eve, evnucci, miche, Captain Picard, tigerfish, tisha, sauerkraut, papajoneh

Blogger friends who are not on my list would be tagged by those listed above, no double tag please! Don't complain I big, small eyes (bias). Let's make this chain go round the world once!

Everyone only tags 5 blogger friends, you can tag more if you like!
eastcoastlife makes the world go round!


  1. Wah. How can like that? Say only tag 5 people leh. :P

  2. dk,
    Read the title.

    eastcoastlife's Crazy Tag Day! hahaha....

  3. this is not eve typing..she has gone into hiding and hence did not see the tag...muahhahaahahhahaa...Ya lor...say 5 oni la..then u simply call it Crazy Tag Day , can tag so ma ny ppl wan...not fair....so many layers..can discount anot?

  4. Waaahhhahhahahaha!!! So when you kena eastcoastlife's Crazy Tag Day, everyone die!!! LOL... thanks! Long time I never kena TAGGED too. Interesting answers... It's a good fear you have. Keeps you on your toes, right?

  5. Ok... I know how liao.

    Since you declare "Crazy tag day" we can also declare "Reverse tag day".

    After doing, tag back to YOU!!
    (imagine everyone doing that... whahahahaha)

  6. eve!
    I'm not call the Hottest Mommy for nothing mah! Got so many fragile hearts to take care.

    You only tag 5!

  7. lb
    Where can die? Die oso die happy wat!

    I have great fears! hehehe....

  8. dk,
    mai la!

    Reverse back to me, where got fun? You get the same answers from me.

  9. Hmm... first must be polite ...
    Thank you ECL for remembering me.

    Then *$^%^&!@#

    Sigh. What to do. You are the hottest momma

  10. hahahaha nice answers, might send guys out there going crazy after reading some of them hahaha

  11. First of all Happy Birthday in advance!
    Great post - good to know you even better - I like the way you think - I'm sure you wont stay in lack of lover after this;-)
    Btw1: Thanks for the roses - I take it they was for me LoL
    Btw2: I know I own you a foody meme - please be patient!

  12. Oh Renny!

    hahaha ... I'm relieved that the lack of lover will be resolved.

    hehe... take the roses, my little hearts of love!

    oh... I know you would do the foody meme. I'll wait patiently for it.

  13. when i started reading...wah..so interesting, dunno whether she got tag me or not...never tag also nebermind. i wanna do dis.

    tq so much for tagging me...actually hor dis is d 1st time thank someonewho tag me...normally i will cuss dem!!!! efntd! hehehe

  14. hahaha miche!
    Sometimes tags can be fun, depend on how you view and do it! When I make it fun, it stirs up the interest of people.

    I'm glad there's one person less to curse me. :D

    Have fun!

  15. wow... I am impressed that I got tagged by the hottest mummy blogger in spore!! *faint* hehe Thanks for tagging me..


  16. hehe... Linda,
    You will enjoy doing this and then tagging your blogger frenz....

  17. Some very interesting insights into your perosnality and your humanity. Thank you for the peek.

  18. I've finally done your 5 yummy eatery tag, and now I am indirectly getting tagged by you via yenjai with this meme LOL
    ((skipping off to do this tag))

  19. You've given me a tough job here...see my Journal for my answers.

  20. I can't help but... hahahahahahahahahaha :P BTW, I thought you are married... Oh well.

  21. Teacher Dave,
    haha... a light-hearted tongue-in-cheek approach to the meme.

  22. firehorse,
    Thanks for doing the tag.

    haha... another tag! It shows you're popular among your blogger friends.

  23. Captain Picard,
    It wasn't so difficult, was it?
    You did a great job!

  24. Windy,
    sshhh... I'm not married... this year. hehehe....

  25. hottest Mommy?
    Ha...how to get this title?
    interested to know...
    See anybody take care my heart also^^

  26. Hi ahhong,
    Thanks for stopping by.
    You want to be a Mummy too? :)

    Wrapped yourself with bandages and place yourself in a hot oven! hehehe...

  27. LOL at the number of people u tagged

    i'm not a coffee person too
    coffee is not my cuppa tea ;)

  28. chen,
    The meme will come to you :)

    I left you out becos I want to see who's gonna tag you. hehe...

  29. Cool. Getting to know you better. You are such funny lady.

    My son has hazel eyes. He has girls checking him out, but he is so blur blur to it all. haha

  30. SA,
    Wow! Your son has hazel eyes! I saw an American actor with hazel ears on TV, his eyes were so beautiful!

    hahaha.... Papa hasn't taught the son how to deal with amorous attention!

  31. I love blogging too!! But i don't hate civil servants la.. I was one too.

  32. Hi Bernard!
    wah! long time no see!

    sama-sama, saya juga civil servant... dulu.

  33. aikkk google error when done commenting? have to type again. Aiiyaaah.
    OKlah... like this. Thanks there. i thought the nick Papa will never come out. its on the last name there. LOL.

    Will try to do this... no more friends to tag...how lerr???

  34. Hello papajoneh!
    Huh? Google's acting funny on my blog these days.

    Where got no friends? No friends never mind lah, just answer the meme.

    I want to read your answers... hehehe...

  35. tofu heart? you never say what tofu...tofuy got soft, silken, but also got firm and extra firm wan ler!

  36. hahaha .... tigerfish!
    Only a foodie like you would mind what type of tofu I am!

    I am soft, silken tofu! hahaha...

    哈哈..你豆腐里挑骨头 !