Monday, June 27, 2016

Durian Party for 200 @ Amber 200位居民的榴莲派对!

ANC 13

200 residents bought tickets and came together for a durian party at Amber. 500 kg of durians comprising D13, D24 and Musang King were consumed. Wow.

Mr Lim Biow Chuan, Deputy Speaker of Parliment, Adviser to Mounbatten Grasssroots Organization and MP for Mounbatten SMC was invited to the party.


But he didn't eat a single durian, he was busy opening durians for us.

Mr Lim's parents were fruit sellers and he used to help them at their fruit stall when he was younger. So he was opening durians like a pro. haha....

He even showed us how to open durians. I told my hubby to learn from him. LOL


Residents came as early as 6.40 pm to register despite the durian party starting at 7.30 pm. We ate cherries, mangosteens, lychees and tangerines while we waited. For the kids, there were candy, potato crisps and chocolates.


When the durians were served, every one just dug into it. The aroma of durians filled the air. You see some people struggling to open the durians while others just sitting there eating leisurely.

After an hour of non-stop eating, some gave up and happily licked their fingers. Many continued eating. It is a rare chance to eat durians until you puke and not only with family members, but with so many friends and neighbours. LOL


Remember to drink salt water from a durian husk ah!
记得吃完榴莲要用榴梿壳喝盐水 :D


After the durian feast, we went into the club house for a dialogue session with Mr Lim. Several residents gave feedback and were concerned about the upcoming MRT line in Marine Parade. Residents stayed back to chat with Mr Lim even after the session ended.

恐怖榴莲派对! 500公斤的榴莲! 200位居民一起吃榴莲! 我们的国会副议长林谋泉不只为我们示范开榴梿, 还亲自为我们开榴梿。大家都吃得好开心。

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Guanyin Temple @ Tanjung Balai Karimun 丹绒巴莱吉里汶的三仙娘宫


Together with a friend, we went to Tanjung Balai Karimun for a short weekend getaway. On the morning of the second day, we went to a local Goddess of Mercy (Guanyin) temple as it was celebrating Bodhisattva's Leaving Home Day.

The men paid S$2 for incense offerings and offered prayers to the deity. Several local residents dropped by to pray too. Seeing me sitting in a corner, the friendly locals came to chit-chat with me. They speak Teochew too.


A young mother came by with a few T-shirts of her young children. She requested the abbot to put an imprint on the back of the T-shirts. The abbot took a wooden seal, thumped it a few times on a pad of red ink and pressed it hard on the T-shirts, a square imprint with Chinese characters was formed.

I was feeling emotional as it was a familiar ritual which my mother used to do for us when we were in primary school. It is believed the T-shirts blessed by the deity would ensure young children would grow up safe and healthy.


After prayers, we were treated to a scrumptious home cooked vegetarian meal by the abbot of the temple. The locals were hospitable and kept piling us with food and beverages. They probably felt honoured to have overseas visitors ... or maybe because we are kakinang (same dialect group). hahaha....

在丹绒巴莱吉里汶游玩, 在当地的三仙娘宫拜拜时, 一位年轻的母亲带了几件她年幼子女的T恤, 要求三仙娘宫的住持在T恤的背面盖印章。

住持拿了一个木制的印章,轻轻在红墨垫拍打了几次就印在T恤上,形成方形印记。据说这么做会保佑小孩平安, 快高长大。

我小时候, 我母亲也是这样子在庙里为我和弟弟们祈福。

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Memorable Moments In Bangkok 难忘曼谷之旅


Whenever I travel to Bangkok with my hubby, the first and last place he would visit is the Erawan Shrine. Occasionally he would hire a troupe of traditional Thai dancers to perform in front of the shrine. Always packed with devotees from all over the world, many tour guides like to bring busloads of tourists here too.

Early every morning, we would see a row of monks sitting by the side of pavements and many Thais would respectfully kneel before each monk and offer them food. Some street hawkers sell ready packed food for the monks, the locals just buy the amount they required and offer them to the monks.


I couldn't resist entering this sweet Hello Kitty restaurant hahaha..... Actually we spent some money for refreshments just to take a few photos, but it seems my hubby enjoyed himself more than I do.

Pretty and cute decor, food is so so..... we had fun and enjoyed the silly photo shoots.


Chanced upon this authentic Thai dessert shop at Chatcuchak weekend market. Fascinated, we watched them make the pretty desserts. Bought some to try but they were too sweet for us.


At Chatcuchak weekend market, I would always seek out his guy. I have always enjoyed the tea pulling performance by this handsome guy. My hubby would tell you I would be gawking at the handsome guy every time. Look at the guy, which normal woman wouldn't!? (Ahhh, fortunately hubby didn't notice my saliva dripping..... )

His iced tea tastes better than the other stalls. Trust me  :D


Probably because we were on vacation, food in Thailand (even fast food) tastes great. At times, we would try new offerings on the menu of a certain fast food restaurant.

We have a to-eat list before going to Bangkok. When in Bangkok, before retiring to bed every night, we plan what to eat the following day. We pounced on every delicious food wherever we went. We were awed by a huge selection of yummy food everywhere, at any time in Bangkok.

Regrettably we would come back with a few kilos heavier. Resistance is futile. hahaha.....


We also had some memorable adventures looking for delicious food on the streets of Bangkok.

Late one night, looking for Thai Teochew kway teow soup (flat rice noodles) brought us to Mr Tan, a 2nd generation migrant from Chaozhou, China. All of us were glad to converse in Teochew, especially Mr Tan because his children only speak Thai.

A hardworking man who spends his life hawking noodles on the streets of Bangkok, he was very keen to learn about our life in Singapore and in Chaozhou. He has never travelled out of Thailand.

My hubby and I had a satisfying meal of Thai Teochew flat rice noodles. We also tried his recommendation of roast pork belly. Because we speak the same dialect, I think my bowl of noodles were laden with more ingredients. Kakinang mah.

旅游曼谷多次, 我有几个难忘的回忆。

每年我先生去曼谷拜四面佛时, 我会陪他去。他一下飞机就去拜四面佛, 要回国之前又去拜多一次。偶尔他会请传统泰国舞蹈员在四面佛前表演, 答谢佛恩。

偶然在Chatcuchak周末市场发现正宗的传统泰式甜点店。看着师傅们做甜点, 受不了买了一些回酒店吃。不过这些甜点也太甜了吧!?

我一直很喜欢这个帅哥拉茶。我先生会告诉你,我每次都目不转睛地盯着帅哥看。正常的女人都爱看帅哥嘛! 幸好老公没看到我流口水。。。 哈哈哈! 他的拉茶比其他摊位的好喝​​。我说的。

在寻找泰潮粿条汤时, 遇到摊主陈先生。我们用潮州话交谈。陈兄难得有人跟他讲潮州话, 乐得请我们喝茶因为他的孩子只会说泰语。

勤奋的陈兄一生在曼谷街头卖面, 从未离开泰国。他非常渴望了解我们在新加坡和中国潮汕的生活。我发现我的粿条汤好像有特别多食料。家己人嘛!

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