Sunday, January 25, 2015

Street Food @ Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok


Could not resist shopping in Chatuchak Weekend Market whenever I am in Bangkok. I have a long list of things to buy but usually have to scale down in case our luggage is overweight. -_-

Seafood paella rice ..... taste is so-so 

I look forward to the fantastic variety of street food in Chatuchak market. Although we would prefer to patronise our usual vendors but we do try some other vendors too.


Thai ice lollies on a hot day!


Mieng Kham - this is a traditional Thai street snack which is healthy and addictive. Fresh chaphlu leaves are filled with roasted coconut shavings and some of the following ingredients: shallots, ginger, garlic, fresh red or green bird's eye chili, lime, palm sugar, chopped unsalted peanuts, chopped dried shrimp.


Very impressed by this skilful Thai iced tea vendor at Chatuchak market. I ordered one cup of iced tea, he was twirling and performing as he made my tea. Amazing.

The iced tea tasted good.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hainanese Food in Bangkok

Fish maw soup, steamed fish, Hainanese steamed chicken
鱼鳔汤, 清蒸鱼,海南隔水蒸鸡

Our fourth day in Bangkok, the Hainan Dan Family Association invited us to lunch.

A range of dishes were served, some of them were my first taste of Hainanese food. They were so delicious, I wanted to replicate these dishes once I return to Singapore.


Quietly, I went to the back of the building to watch the cooks preparing our food. The locally sourced ingredients were fresh, but I was awed by the 3 gigantic steamers which contained food for 200 diners.

I met the boss of the catering restaurant. He was a cook from Hainan Island, migrated to Thailand twenty years ago and started his own restaurant serving authentic Hainanese dishes.

Bamboo shoots with shellfish, Yam fried rice, Thai-style yam paste
白螺炒笋, 芋头饭, 泰式芋泥

We had an enjoyable meal, it's amazing to find such good Hainanese food in Bangkok. I am eager to learn how to cook these dishes.

Below are some famous traditional Hainanese dishes :  

Hainanese Mutton Stew 东山羊

Hainanese Mixed Vegetable Stew 海南杂菜

Pork ribs and radish stew 白萝卜炖排骨 

在曼谷品尝传统海南特色菜肴, 忘不了的味道。。。。。



这顿饭, 让我长知识..., 以为海南菜只有那几道菜, 其实还有更多。 我要学煮海南菜给我的家人品尝。

龙记菜馆, 曼谷

Friday, January 16, 2015

Shelter - PhotoHunt


Photohunt Theme : Shelter

Enduring sweltering heat to be the last one standing, the contestants persevered for hours to win a car.

How they wish they could take shelter under an umbrella.


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