Wednesday, April 18, 2007

5 reasons why I blog

I was tagged by wackymom, Ev Nucci. From one wacky mom to another huh! hahaha... She's one swell lady who makes me laugh whenever I read her posts. And through all the laughter there is always a message she wants to convey.

She cracks me up so much that I am beginning to develop a fear. You see, my facial lines are increasing at an alarming rate lately. I have spent money on expensive creams to take care of them but they don't seem to be diminishing. But hey! These are lines of joy! Halleluyah!

The 5 reasons why I blog :

First - I started a blog because I wanted to participate in a Blog By Mail (BBM). What's that? It's actually to send a homemade treat or a favourite food item to another participant within a certain time frame. It could be: a jar of jam, a few homemade cookies, a local or regional specialty.... On the scheduled date, post about my experience. I exchanged food items with a partner from another part of the world. Participants were from USA, Europe, Asia and as far as Africa! Sounds fun. Yes, it was! I want to do it again.

Second - My son, Jaymes has a blog. He asked me to start one so he could read my thoughts. (No, he didn't tell me this, I figure it out.) Sneaky guy. I cannot read his blog (have to respect his privacy) but he could read mine. *roll my eyes*

Third - My blogging didn't take off until I got challenged by this nimcompoop from Jaymes' school A parent or a teacher who commented on a post that I "couldn't write well and my posts were not interesting"! Well, I made her eat shit, didn't I? hahahaha.....

I know! I know! I have mentioned this countless times on my blog and boy! am I proud of myself for having come this far!

Fourth - When I first achieved the 3rd reason, I thought of giving up blogging. But I continued to blog when I discovered BlogExplosion's Battle of the Blog. I started writing better & more interesting posts. I put in great effort. I put up my first post for competition in January 2007.

But it was a disappointment. I can't tell you how many times I got defeated by blogs that sux. One, I was an Asian among the mainly Caucasian bloggers. Then I discovered it was rigged. Many of the participants ganged up with at least 8 bloggers (15 votes, you need 8 to win) and they constantly voted for one another. I discovered this evil scheme when I did a study on it. If you have a MyBlogLog widget, you can see the cheaters.

Fifth - I have a large base of regular readers - more of international bloggers than local. I see you on my tracking statistics. hehehe... yes, I have a tracking system. Some of you commented but many don't. It's ok. I am happy as long as you come to visit.

I want to thank each and every one of you who drops in.
I love you all! muaaack....

I'm not gonna tag anyone, but I would like you to think about why you are blogging and maybe make a comment. Let me know, I would like to know the reason(s) you blog.

Why I blog?



  1. coz its one place where i can let out the way i want without caring what people would think about me and also one way of letting out without breaking anything in the house :p one reason i DONT blog is money, i really dont like to comercialise my blog hence no sort of advertisement will be seen on my blog.


  2. For mainly fatt hau reasons.. Monkey see, monkey do. But I sure didn't think when I first started that I would get to know so many wonderful people (and a few shitheads too - but that's beside the point) all over the place! Blogging has taken over as my main hobby.. One day it too will go away, I guess, but until then, gonna enjoy all this.

  3. lb!
    I'm glad that I'm a blogger, or else I wouldn't have met such a wonderful person like you!

  4. I started blogging because of monkey see monkey do.

    Then I started writing about my life and entertained my circle of friends with my amusing posts (they say one hor not I blow trumpet).

    And now? I want to expand my Web presence.

    But the day I find no more fun in this, I will stop.

    Glad I met you! Chio chio de auntie. ;P (oh damn is that dk's copyright?)

  5. My first blog entry was on May 23, 2005. I blogged about how Junior finally rode the bicycle without the training wheels. He's my sweety and I love him a lot. I blog because I love to write. And I write juz about anything under the sun (and bitch alot about life, too ;)). To me, blogging is a form of self-expression. It is also quite therapeutic, and I dun really care if nobody bothers to leave comments on my blog.

  6. I am glad you have continued to blog. I enjoy your site and read you every day.

  7. Hi farinelli!
    Why like girl's name huh? hehe...

    Welcome to chio chio de Aunty's blog.

    ahh, Kevin is your lecturer hor. Yu write amusing posts lah, Aunty check oredi. hehe...

  8. one good thing about blogging is... we get to know so many wonderful people around the world... who says blogging is a waste of time??? :P

  9. Chris,
    You remember everything so vividly. I can sense that you love Junior a lot.

  10. Teacher Dave,
    Thanks so much for your support and encouragement. You are an inspiration to me.

    Love you. *Hugs*

  11. oh yes chen,
    So glad I finally put a comment on your blog and you came over to check me out!

    It was great knowing you too! It's like me going back to my teens when I was writing to penpals. Now I have made hundreds of international friends online.

  12. The reason why I started blogging is no longer valid. But I've been blogging so much that it became part of my life already.

    So I didn't stop even when the reason is no longer valid. :P

  13. dk,
    hahaha....I can see that you have been posting quite a bit lately. Happy huh!

    I happy for you too!

  14. I am impressed by your large base of regular readers. You have interesting perspectives to read about too.

    In essence, I blog for expression. My friends say I express myself better in writing than verbally, and I agree to a large extent. Having an outlet to express can be therapeutic. Imagine how life would be for me when I could hardly express what I feel deep down...

    Hope your hand is healing? It has been a month already.

  15. oceanskies,
    Thanks for your concern, it is healing and I can take off the bandages next week. yikes, the hand probably looks ugly.

    I enjoy reading your posts. Since I can't go outdoors without developing heat rash, I enjoy reading posts about Singapore and the history of its places and buildings. Thanks.

  16. I started blogging thinking I can extra money from it. I started out with a couple of blogs, peppered with ads. It didn't work, I'm not earning and I'm not enjoying.

    Then I started Culture Shiok! It's who I am, it's what I do, it's where I live and where I'll stay.

    Been quite busy with it lately.

    I currently have ads but I'm not earning from them, I just simply enjoy blogging right now...

  17. I comment ECL, because it's always worth a visit.

    Reason 4 was interesting to know that BOTB is rigged in that they vote for each other. Worth knowing.

  18. I like your reasons for blogging.

    The lurkers are always kind of fun, even more so when they come from MyBlogLog. Then you can see an icon of who is peeking. Then I just sit back and wait for the day they decide to say hello.

    Comments are kind of like pay day. :P

  19. eastcoastlife,

    I think you have been doing swell in blogging, since the first time I came across your blog which was at least a year or so ago. Your posts have gained a certain flair and flamboyance which would be put young teenybopper bloggers to shame. There is also a consistent flavour - what we call your voice - that is so prevalent in every post and which endear you to your many readers.

    Do continue to keep up the great work!

  20. culture shiok,
    I believe you are happy living in Singapore now :) I'm glad Singaporeans are treating you well.

    Your blog introduces Singapore to your fellow countrymen. We must be treating you right that you want to share our country with your friends. Thanks.

  21. Captain Picard,
    Thanks for your support! I enjoy reading your blog. You are a very talented man.

  22. yes simple america,
    I love the lurkers too. Some of them come daily, they read and leave. I'm also waiting for them to say 'Hi'.

    These people are generally shy but they are good people. I hope that they would just say 'Hi' so I could go read their blogs too.

  23. stay-at-home-mom,
    You just started your blog recently. I like your reasons for blogging.

    As you can see, I enjoy blogging very much nowadays. Try making friends by commenting on the blogs you visit and if they visit and comment on your blog, the 'bloggership' will develope.

    Enjoy blogging.

  24. cool insider,
    You have been reading my blog for almost a year! Wow! Long-time supporter. And you started commenting last November :)

    Thank you for your advice and encouragement. Will continue to put in effort to make the blogosphere an attractive place where more people would be encouraged to start blogging and join us.

  25. Dearie, You got tagged.. :)


  26. i linked you already

    let's linked each other the same way we want to fight poverty in this world... haha

  27. siwwypig,
    So fast you tag me back ah?

    Sweet revenge :)

    Thanks dear.

  28. aahh fida,
    A fighter, my companion and loyal supporter in BOTB.

    Let's continue to kick asses! Yeehaa!

  29. I blog, because I want to know HOT people like you ^-^

  30. I blog for THERAPY hot mama! Too much brain activity!

    By the way I spoke about you in an interview I did - see link to the interview on my post today: " Take this Code and shove it!" (bottom half)

    Love your reasons for blogging, Jaymes knows ALL now!

  31. Hi there - regarding the Blog Explosion thing, I'm doing that too. I know that sometime when I lost a battle, I would feel a bit sad. But I keep telling myself that the reason I join the battle is because I want more people to read my blog and hope they will come back. I see it as an ad. instead.

    Don't give up the blogging as I think you do write interesting stuff. I wish I would have a personal blog like yours (i.e. not food only)... but I feel lazy at the mo... sigh!

  32. Nice post....

    even with their recent problems (still no rentals) BE is responsible for making me a better blogger/writer...

    Cheers from Vhina

  33. hahaha ... yenjai,
    I am a godsend! I doubt anyone who first started blogging would expect to meet a HOT blogger like me! hehehe....

  34. awww... Tisha!
    You sweet gal! You make me cry....

    Thanks for the mention.

    Read about Tisha :

  35. Windy,
    Thanks for the consolation. I have gotten over the BOTB thing. Winning doesn't mean anything to me now, it would only mean I'm a bigger cheat! :D

    I would continue to blog as long as I could. Thanks for your support.

  36. Hi Vhina,
    I realise I'm a better writer and blogger because of BE too!:)

    Thanks for the reminder. Winning is not important to me now. It's the wonderful people whom I meet on BE!


  37. Hey there eastcoastlife! Tisha Best mentioned you as one of her recent favorite bloggers in my blog interview with her yesterday on MartyBLOGs.

    I also enjoy the international flair of blogging so I'd like to know if I could schedule an interview post for you one day next week?

    Give me a shout at and I'll fill you in on the details of the process. Oh yes, and I just faved you too.

    Have a great day........Marty

  38. Hi Martin!
    Welcome to my blog. Special thanks to Tisha for mentioning me in her interview.

    Ooooh, thanks for the fave!

  39. Thanks for you work, is very good, thank you.

    that this week is the best one that you had in all your life, congratulations.

  40. ECL, you're listed as a Favourite in my Technorati Faves Train! Be sure to catch it. See below Part 3.

  41. I've been blogging since DEcember 2004--I started a blog at MSN SPACES (Bunny Beth's Bargains), then I moved over to blogger full time in the last year. MSN "redesigned" SPACES and there are too many problems.

    Anyway, I blog for writing practice--I could never keep up a journal, but I blog between 4-7 times weekly. I also think it's a kick to correspond with other bloggers in places liken Singapore and the UK.

    It's cool!

    BTW, I think you are an awesome writer.

  42. Hi David Santos from Portugal!
    Thanks for stopping by.

    And thank you for your kind comment.

  43. Hi Captain Picard,
    Thank you - we are both on the Technorati Fave Train!

  44. Oh Bunny Beth,
    You started blogging earlier than I did! :)

    I enjoy reading your blog and about your life in US. I especially love your post on your grandies. They are such cuties!

    I have grown to love you like my own family member. I'm glad to know you through blogging.

    *Hugs n kisses*

  45. I tried doing this post but i cant even find 1 reason why i blog... weird!

  46. fida,
    You serious ah?!
    You too free, nothing to do? This is one reason. hehehe....

  47. #3.. Last laugh! That's the best kind of laugh! Haha.

  48. i first started blogging becoz of my oversea assignment. Knowing i would be lonely and boring sometimes, i started the blog to keep myself occupied and get connected wif friends. =)i m still doing it after one yr and i guess i got hitched by blogging!!

  49. i first started blogging becoz of my oversea assignment. Knowing i would be lonely and boring sometimes, i started the blog to keep myself occupied and get connected wif friends. =)i m still doing it after one yr and i guess i got hitched by blogging!!

  50. Hi Bernard.
    Long time no see, you've been busy.

    #3.. Last laugh! That's the best kind of laugh!
    yah! I agree! hahaha....

  51. zeezee dear,
    Blogging is a great way to ward off loneliness and boredom in a strange land! You have made many friends on the net, including yours truly. hehe....

  52. Hey eastcoastlife
    you're quite an amazing blogger! love the way you write,Simple, down to earth and youve got some really funny posts,and some unforgettable quotes

    Somehow I stumbled onto your blog because I was arguing/debating with my friends that Im an east coast guy since I grew up in Tanjong Rhu..

    Well I started blogging because well its a nice way to express and convey your thoughts,as well as being able to look back and reflect on your posts,though my blogging style is at times "I want to dominate the world".

    Keep on blogging and I'll keep on reading!

  53. Hey Jon!
    Thanks for dropping in and the kind comments.

    Whoa hoho! You're only 17! er... should you be reading a blog with adult content? hahaha...

    arhhhh! You are old enough and maybe more knowledgeable than me on adult content. hahaha...

    I took a look at your blog. Not too bad for a young blogger though. Keep blogging because when you grow older and look at your posts now, you might find that your thoughts have changed and you become more matured. (I hope huh! :P) There's nothing wrong with ranting and raving in your blog but you must know that what you write is being displayed publicly. All the best dear.