Monday, April 16, 2007

The young, the old and the sick

Lights, camera, "ACTION!"

haizzzzzz...... finally got a chance to breathe.

Just got Jaymes to eat his lunch and take his medicine before sending him off to bed. He has a raging fever due to a viral infection. The fever started since 11pm the night before. I brought him to the doctor this morning who made him do a blood test. His white blood cell count was 21,000! So he was referred to Changi Hospital. Because he was having a high fever, he had to put on a mask and was isolated.

A young doctor, who doesn't look more than 30 years old, at the A&E examined him and sent him home with antibiotics and medicine for fever, sore throat, giddiness, inflammation and cough.... oh and 2 days medical leave.

Yesterday morning, we had to send Chris' 93-year-old mother to the doctor due to hypertension. She has been feeling ill the past week. First she had glaucoma and we brought her to the Opthamologist. Then she fell and had a nasty gash on her temple and was rushed to A&E.

Chris by the end of the evening was feeling yucky. He had a headache and sore throat and fever. Probably due to the weather and the constant running up and down to attend to my mother-in-law. I don't enjoy playing nurse whenever someone in the family is sick......

Make-up before the shoot.....

And yesterday afternoon, we had the Kids' Central TV crew at our house to film Jaymes. I was also in the show. Only a flitting glimpse lah! You would think acting is easy! In fact after yesterday's shoot, it killed whatever hopes I ever have of being nominated for an Oscar. I can't act! hehe....And I thought I was a drama queen. haizzz....I froze in front of the camera and garbled my lines. Jaymes and his friends laughed like mad!

Thanks to dk (my k-son) for recommending Jaymes to kevin.

Watch Jaymes on Kids' Central on 28th April 2007 at 1.30pm.

The director telling us what to say....


  1. Reel-life is alot of fun, but of course that's provided we know what to do infront of the camera. It's only your first time so I guess your "freak-out" was almost expected.

    Will keep that date in mind, my niece watch a great deal of kids central.

  2. Hi Ed!
    Hope your niece would enjoy the show and maybe develops an interest to take up blogging.

    It's about 'Young People who blogs' hehehe.....

  3. Wah. Chio Chio De Aunty also appearing on TV ah. Must remember to watch. :D

    U got recorder? Record then put on youtube. :D

  4. No lah dk! I look so ugly and haggard and speak like an idiot! *bang my head*

    I wasn't prepared for it, the director just asked me to be in it.
    I hv a recorder but dunno how to record. hehe....

  5. Oh dear, Jaymes fell sick after the shoot ah? How come they film Jaymes for Kids' Central? What's the show about? I can't watch lah, heh heh

  6. Ya, they shot him.... hahaha....

    They were tokking about teens (15 to 17) who blog. I was surprised too that Kids Central wants him to do a shoot.

    I was promised the DVD. hehe....

  7. U got recorder but dont know how to use? Wah. Tell u, dont waste it. Give me ur recorder lah. :P

  8. eastcoastlife,
    The 'half a century old guy' can be found here?

    Next time invite me for popiah! I teach you to catch the cowards!

  9. You're a MOVIE STAR!!! Wow!! One day, I must get your autograph...

    Sorry to hear about the illness going round. It must have been taxing running all over, looking after everyone. You're a good person. That's what good persons do..

  10. winatallcost,
    Thanks. You are invited to the next makan session. :)

  11. lb,
    Movie Star? Nooooo..... never. *sob... heart broken into many pieces.....*

    I'm not cut out to be an actress.... I suck! hahaha....

    I'm tired. Have to stay home to look after Jaymes and mom-in-law.
    And having an impotant AGM this Friday! arrrggggh.......

  12. I hope the fever breaks soon and everything gets back to normal for you and your family. What will you wear when you go the Red Carpet to get your acting award :-)

  13. Hey and you thought shooting was easy huh? Hee ... when MediaCorp interviewed me about the antitheft softwares for like half a day it was re shoot and re shoot and only a 15 min scene. Hee ..

  14. Hi Teacher Dave,
    Yes, I have to monitor Jaymes' temperature. I'm worried it might be Dengue Fever and the doctor said it would take another 4 days to know for sure.

    I would definitely be wearing the Chinese Cheongsum! :)

  15. ok ok Paddy!
    Sorry lor! kekeke.... but you really look so kayu... hahaha....

    You got 15-min scene, I got only 3 seconds! :(

  16. Sorry to hear your son falling ill. I've read your blog before (you're pretty famous) but didn't know your son had such an interesting blog until DK told me. Ain't it fun to go on TV though? :)

  17. Hope Jaymes recovers soon. Woa, he's gonna be a star! And you'll become a 星妈。

  18. Hope your family members who are feeling unwell would get better soon.

    About Jaymes on KidsCentral, what do you think could be the factors that have made him become a worthy candidate to be up on TV? But gosh, it seems like he was already feeling unwell during the shooting. Hope Jaymes recover soon.

  19. Hi Kevin!
    Oh, you've read my blog. *blush*
    I do get quite a bit of readers....

    haha... I've actually been on TV a few times.....hehe..

  20. yo Chris!
    He's still running a fever.

    星妈? yeah, I like that. Sit there, shake legs and collect money! hahaha....

  21. oceanskies,
    Thanks for your regards.

    They were looking for young bloggers below 16, and he fits the bill, I guess.

    He was telling me his throat felt sore. Yeah, he was not feeling well during the shoot.

  22. Was it all the light, camera and action that made Jaymes sick?

    Hope he's better already..

  23. Hi Zara'a Mom,
    No lah! The weather got to him. Plus he was not eating right, and not resting well, so he fell sick.

    He's still feverish, so watching over him tonight.

  24. tat is indeed a happening & busy day for u.. Hope your loved ones will recover soon..

    And wow... we have a film star in da house :D

  25. Hope Jaymes feels better soon. :) Wow..!! a celeb soon..??? Can i get his autograph first.. before he gets too, too famous..??

  26. Hey, nursie.
    u too take care of urself, if not.. by the time Chris, Jaymes and ur mother-in-law recover, u might be the one who fall sick.

    Ha.. rip the DVD and share it on ur blog ler.. i cant view it here..

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. When I saw the 2nd picture before you talk about Kids Central ...I thought u getting married leh! BUahahah....that picture reminds me of make-up artist and the bride on a wedding day ler! LOL!

    And yes, can you put to Youtube so that your overseas blogger friends like me and Shilpa can watch ? ....

  29. My super star!

    I am so sorry to hear about the illness affecting your son and rest of the clan, speedy recovery to all and may you stay healthy :)

  30. Jaymes not eating right? Too much of ieatishootipost perhaps?

    Take care of all your health ah ...

    BTW u look like a chio chio de tai tai in the meetup photos!

  31. awww.....u poor thing..i hope Jaymes n ur MIL will be alright soon...come come...*massage massage*...better?..hehe

  32. yo mamabok,
    Jaymes is much better this morning. Thanks for your concern.

    I hope he can get to celebrity staus, that's where his destiny lies....

  33. zeezee,
    ya... I'm worried I would fall sick after they recover, so being cautious that I dun overworked myself. hehe....

    I can only upload the video after the programme has been aired. Copyrights.

  34. Captain Picard,
    Nominate me for an Oscar? Thanks!

  35. tigerfish,
    I thought u getting married leh!
    I can only hope ah! hehehe....

    I can only upload the video after the programme has been aired on TV, due to copyrights act. I'll do that. :)

  36. Tisha Hot Babe!
    hahaha.... me super star?

    Thanks for your good wishes.

  37. miss loi,
    yalor, eat too much. Must stop looking at food sites... hehehe

    huh? one more nick - chio chio de tai-tai! *pengsan*

  38. Oooo... eve,
    That was good! hehe...

    My MIL and Jaymes are much better today. Thanks!

  39. Your going to be a STAR, I don't want to start reading abut you in the tabloids..LOL Hope everyone is feeling better (-:

  40. aite will keep a lookout for James on TV!

    your comment section turning into a forum area sia! woohoo, i like. Very vibrant here!


  41. Tom dear!
    hahaha... you won't be reading about me in the tabloids, I doubt I would have any sex scandals! hahaha....

    Thanks for your good wishes.

  42. sha grandpops!
    You gelek gelek here ah!

    My comment section is a forum, everyone should get to know one another and make more friends.

    Blogosphere is one big family!

  43. hmm... people are falling sick these days...

    wow, it's definitely a good experience even if it's for a flitting moment ya!?

  44. pinkie :)
    The weather is farnee lah! Playing havoc these days! You take care.

    haha... the filming was fun! I can't believe I can't act! cheh!

  45. Aiya... Why I ganna K again?

    BTW: Who is that gal in green sitting next to you? Quite pretty leh. :D

  46. dk,
    You dunno her ah?
    Singapore Idol 2nd Runner -up Jasmine Tye!

    I'm not sure, my maid tell me wan! kekeke.....

  47. Wah... ur maid watch Singapore Idol 1?

    I don't know her leh.

  48. dk
    My maid tokong huh? Spend the nights watching Tv and become an addict. I dun watch TV programmes much nowadays.

  49. keropok man,
    bo bian leh! So many people want to eat my popiah, so have to organize a few lor.

    Also sometimes the group is different, so not good to mix them together. ok lah, no problem... I can handle.

    So our date with shilpa is coming nearer hor! :)

  50. Sorry to hear about your family falling ill! Hope that Jaymes is better now. I remembered that I was pretty sick and ghastly white a couple of years ago when being interviewed by Arts Central for a youth programme. After that, I went to see doctor, was on MC and hospitalised later!

    Small world that DK recommended your son Jaymes to Kevin Lim, who is also one of my good buddies in the media socialists group. Speaking of which I hope to enlist your help sometime soon. Will let you know. ;)

  51. cool insider,
    My family members are better now. Thanks.

    Maybe it's the hot spotlights that got you both sick. hehe....

    oh, Kevin is your buddy. That's great!

  52. SA,
    I'll upload the video after the programme. :)