Thursday, March 26, 2020

White Wheat Porridge With Coconut Milk / Bubur Gandum

White Wheat porridge brings back fond memories of my childhood. It was a delicious sweet treat during my young days. My family was not well off. On Sundays. my father's rest day, he would give me a dollar and a tiffin box to buy white wheat porridge and dough crullers (you zha kueh). At that time, a dough cruller cost only 10 cents.

White Wheat porridge eaten with piping hot dough cruller is really delicious! We, kids, look forward to this afternoon tea snack every Sunday.

I like this delicious white wheat porridge so much that whenever I see it, I will definitely buy a bowl to satisfy my cravings.

I tried to cook it at home, but it was not easy to find the white wheat. Finally, I discover a small stall selling packed white wheat kernels in a wet market in Ang Mo Kio.

Now, whenever I crave for it, I will cook it myself.

White wheat is coarse grain, rich in fiber and vitamins. Singapore is hot and humid all year round, eating white wheat porridge often has the effect of reducing heatiness in the body and aids digestion. It is particularly beneficial for the elderly and the young.

Wheat Porridge Dessert
(makes two bowls)

100g white wheat
100 g gula melaka
100 ml coconut cream
700 ml water
a pinch of salt
2 pandan leaves (knotted)

1.   Wash white wheat and soak overnight.

2.   Place knotted pandan leaves and water in a pot and boil.

3.   Add white wheat, lower heat to a simmer and cook until white wheat is tender.

4.   Add gula melaka, coconut milk and salt. Let it simmer for another 10 minutes.

5.   Remove from heat and serve warm with dough crullers (you zha kueh).

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