Thursday, January 02, 2020

Hainan Delicacies: Danzhou Rice Noodles

When I was back in Hainan, I stayed in Haikou for a few days. Every morning, I was spoilt for choice when it comes to breakfast. When it comes to the popular Hainan rice noodles, there are seven versions. That solve my breakfast problem for the whole week! 😄

In Danzhou (located on the northwest of Hainan), the residents are used to a bowl of Danzhou milan (Danzhou rice noodles) plus a bowl of piping hot pig blood and lung soup for breakfast.

I chanced upon this quaint Danzhou restaurant with its wide range of traditional Danzhou and Hainan delicacies. Most of the food were alien to me. But after tasting some of them, I began to like these rare Danzhou delicacies.

Diners could find traditional Hainan rice dumplings, jin dei (fried rice balls with peanut filling) and yi buah here too.

Making the traditional Danzhou rice noodles is a laborious task. First, the rice grains are soaked for a day and ground into a slurry. It is passed through a specially made funnel, creating strings of snowy white rice noodles which are cooked immediately in a pot of boiling water. The cooked noodles are scooped up and placed into a basin of cold water.

The rice noodles are eaten cold with thinly sliced beef or pork, dried shrimps, fried peanuts, bean sprouts, diced celery,  spring onions and mixed well with their special seasoning, vinegar and fried shallot oil. The noodle dish smells aromatic and is appetizing with a sweet and sour taste.

The bowl of pig blood and lung soup has pieces of pork ribs, blood curds, lung, intestines and radish double boiled together. It's flavorful and I couldn't help buying one dough fritter to soak in the soup. Diners can also help themselves to conch soup at a corner of the resttaurant.

The restaurant is pretty neat, clean and prices are reasonable.

No 28 Lantian Road, Meilan, Haikou, Hainan.

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