Thursday, February 16, 2017

Hainan Chicken Poop Creeper 海南野生鸡屎藤

Hainan Chicken Poop Creeper (Paederia foetida)

We were going to prepare a famous Hainanese dessert named Chicken Poop Creeper rice cakes (Kweh Dai Dean Bua). My sister-in-law sent her daughter-in-law and daughter to pick the wild chicken poop creeper  (Paederia foetida, also known as Chinese Fevervine herb) from a hill behind the village. I requested to tag along.

We walked passed padi fields and through narrow lanes of some villagers' houses before arriving at the foot of a hill. It was a rocky and uneven terrain with many betel nut trees planted on the slopes.

The two ladies showed me a chicken poop creeper and made me smell a crushed leave before going separate ways to look for the plant, leaving me to hunt for the elusive creeper. It has a pleasant smell, it doesn't smell like chicken poop.

Walking among the betel nut trees, there were lots of cobwebs and mosquitoes. All the creepers looked alike to me. I pulled some and went to look for my nephew's wife. She took a look and laughed out loud. I had brought her weeds. LOL

I examined the chicken poop creeper she found and discovered that it has hairy leaves. Ahhh .... I have a better chance of finding the plant. I was ecstatic when I found it and ran to show her. She nodded her head and feeling happy with myself, I went back to look for more chicken poop creepers.

In the course of looking for the creepers, I came across three tombstones .... they made my hair stand on end. When I mentioned this to my brother-in-law, he told me one of them is our grandmother's tombstone.

Grandmother and two great uncles were buried there because the hill was once our estate, but it was confiscated during the Cultural Revolution. It was then distributed to other villagers.  

We managed to fill two bagfuls with the plant. We brought them back home and the kids helped to remove the leaves.

Sister-in-law then washed the leaves thoroughly and left them to dry in the sun.

The next morning, my nephew's wife sent the leaves and a bag of rice to the miller to have them ground.

My nephew went to collect the flour after lunch. When I opened the bag of flour, it gave out a nice fragrance, it doesn't smell like chicken poop.

Now we were ready to make the famous Hainanese dessert ~~

Chicken Poop Creeper dessert (Kweh Dai Dean Bua)

家里要做鸡屎藤粑仔, 大嫂叫她的女儿和二媳妇去村后面的山采生长在山野的鸡屎藤。我跟着去看看。我们采了两大袋鸡屎藤回来, 孩子们帮忙摘叶。鸡屎藤叶洗干净后要晒干, 然后加大米去磨成粉。


鸡屎藤粉 - 纯天然滋补绿色食品

鸡屎藤营养功效 :
清热;  解毒消肿;  祛风除湿;  活血止痛;  食积腹胀;小儿疳积;腹泻;痢疾;皮炎湿疹;  中暑;黄疸;肝炎;肝脾肿和补血等等, 很适合风寒感冒和痛经的女生。

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