Friday, February 17, 2017

Hainan Chicken Poop Creeper Dessert 海南鸡屎藤粑仔

After collecting the chicken poop creeper flour from the miller, my second nephew's wife commenced to make the dough.

She added some water to the chicken poop creeper flour and mixed them well to form a dough.

Once the dough was ready, the other family members came to help.  

This is how the rice cake has to be shaped. Roll the dough into a cylinder, pinch a little dough from it and roll into a circle. Then shape it by pressing it between the index and middle fingers. This is the Qionghai style.

With many hands helping, we were able to finish shaping the rice cakes quickly.

Sister-in-law had already prepared the coconut milk for the sweet soup base, so we heat it and added the rice cakes in.

If the coconut milk soup is too creamy for your taste, you can cook a ginger soup base.

We have to stir the rice cakes constantly to prevent the dough from sticking together. Once the rice cakes float to the surface of the coconut milk, it is cooked. Serve it hot or cold.

鸡屎藤粑仔是著名的海南甜点。 一家人聚集在一起制作海南传统的鸡屎藤粑仔。 这是琼海式的鸡屎藤粑仔。

鸡屎藤的味道臭臭的,但做出来的粿就是有一股淡淡的香味哦, 是很好的滋补品,有清热、解毒、去湿、补血的功能。

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