Sunday, October 09, 2016

"Essentially Peranakan" Day 土生华人文化讲座

Attended "Essentially Peranakan" event, presented by The Peranakan Community, at Asian Civilisations Museum on 8th October (Saturday). I am intrigued by the Peranakan culture and food, this cultural event was a special treat for me.

I learnt the various aspects of the Peranakan community's way of life which comprises religious rites, popular cuisines, exquisite jewellery, colourful costumes, fine beaded products and their unique language. The speakers are Babas and Nyonyas themselves who shared their personal experiences and precious photos.

I am particularly impressed with speaker Baba Lloyd Ignatius Matthew Tan (who is also my FB friend). He spoke on the "Belly of Rumah Baba", bringing us on a culinary food journey of memories and traditions from his family homes in Bonny Grass and Telok Kurau Road. I learnt about the different festivals and what type of Peranakan food is served during moments of joy or sadness.

During lunch break, I was offered some refreshments and I had a taste of Baba Matthew's yummilicious pulot sireh kaya. I had two pieces of his old style kueh, the top layer is so rich and smooth. Wish I could achieve his kueh-making standard one day.  

The elegant Nyonyas in their beautiful baju kebayas and kasot manek (Peranakan beaded slippers). It's so fascinating to learn about the significance, symbolism and the types of jewellery from a Baba collector of antique Peranakan jewellery.

Thanks to sponsors for the door gift and my pretty lucky draw prize of a star brooch. Yeah!

周末早上去亚洲文明博物馆听土生华人文化讲座。讲座以英语为媒介语, 让大家熟悉这个族群特殊的文化、生活方式、习俗和独特的语言。

传统土生华人的饮食内容相当吸引我, 尤其是他们的糕点。他们的饮食因场合的不同而分成三大类:平日的菜肴、祭祖菜肴和节日菜肴。

我好喜欢他们七彩鲜艳的服饰器皿。中场休息时, 我不只品尝了娘惹糕点, 还幸运的抽到一个美丽的胸针。

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