Friday, September 23, 2016

Batam Trip Day 2 巴淡岛旅游第2天

After a hectic first day in Batam, we were exhausted and woke up late the following morning. Our kinsmen had to hurry us to go for breakfast.

We were the last two hotel guests having breakfast at their coffee house. LOL ..... Batam time is one hour behind Singapore, their breakfast starts at Singapore time 6 am. They were going to close the breakfast counter and prepare for lunch buffet.

Fortunately we still have some time for a quick breakfast and there were chefs available to cook a bowl of steaming hot ayam mee soto (chicken noodle) or fry pancakes and omelettes. Our kinsmen kept us company while we ate.

After breakfast, a few of us spent some time taking pictures on the hotel terrace and lobby before our coach arrived to send us to the ferry terminal. It was a sunny and breezy morning, we could see the city in the distant. Nice to know there is an outdoor swimming pool below the hotel.

Our coach picked us up at 11 am. It was a short ride to the ferry terminal as there was no traffic jam. Our ferry would depart at 12.50 pm, we still had more than an hour to while away. Our kinsmen preferred to wait in the ferry terminal.

Hubby suggested going for A&W fast food as he misses the rootbeer float, waffle with ice cream and curly fries. So we crossed the connecting overhead bridge next to the Immigration Office at Batam Centre Ferry Terminal and arrived at Mega Mall Batam Center. The fast food restaurant is on the ground level.

Finally hubby has his fix of the fast food he was craving for. Since the closure of this fast food restaurant in Singapore, we could only taste their signature items when we are in Jakarta and Bangkok.

We went back to the ferry terminal after our meal as the shops in the mall were not tempting enough to make us shop. We checked in and needed to clear Immigration, but were horrified to see a loooong snaking queue with only 3 counters opened. Oops.... we had only 25 minutes before the ferry departs.

We were worried we might miss our ferry. Many people in the queue were fidgeting too. Nobody dared to complain nor make noise as there was a notice that says "Silent - no talking." We heard that visitors get fined for disobeying this rule.

Finally we cleared Immigration with only 5 minutes to board our ferry back to Singapore. We heaved a sigh of relief once we were on board the ferry. Our kinsmen were getting worried for us as they had to go through the long queue at Immigration too.

Farewell Batam! We will be back soon.

在巴淡岛度过忙碌的第一天 , 第二天睡到自然醒已经不早了。乡亲们开始担心, 打电话催我们去吃早餐。哈哈 。。。我们是团里的年轻人! 还好有点时间, 酒店餐厅要准备自助午餐了, 食物所剩不多, 快快拿了一些可以填饱肚子的。

吃过早餐, 就与两位乡亲们在酒店阳台欣赏风景, 还有拍照留作纪念。

上午11点,出发去码头, 酒店安排车送我们去。我们的船大概一点才开, 看看时间,还是很早。轮渡码头有一座连廊通向对面商场, 我先生提议去商场吃久违的A&W快餐。

乡亲们不去, 我们两通过高架天桥直达商场, 十分便利。在快餐店里吃完东西, 商场的店面都不能引发我的购物欲, 匆匆赶回轮渡码头。却没料到移民厅大排长龙, 只有三个人在工作。我们开始担心赶不上回家的轮渡。 幸好我们能顺利过关, 只剩五分钟就开船。



  1. Root beer float,waffle with ice cream and curly 🍟...I love the recipes you share, but that trio of yummy gives me bad cravings!!😆

    1. haha.... I prefer my homecooked food. I will only eat fast food once in a blue moon.

  2. A&W is gone from Singapore? So sad! I have fond memories of eating at A&Ws in Singapore, including at the airport decades ago when I was a kid and aspired to one day have a big enough appetite to eat something larger than a mama burger! ;S

    1. A&W was gone from Singapore many years ago. You can find A&W in Bangkok and Indonesia. You can still eat your mama burger in Bangkok. hahaha....

  3. I miss A & W...

    There's one A & W in Aeon Bukit Indah in Malaysia...

  4. I was in Aeon Bukit Indah and couldn't locate the fast food restaurant.