Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Homemade Chinese Dumplings 自制中式饺子

My son loves to eat Chinese dumplings, be it boiled, pan-fried or deep fried. They are easy to make and a quick meal by itself.

I usually make 100 pieces (2 kg of minced meat) at one go and freeze them. My son will add some dumplings to his noodle soup or pan fry them as snacks whenever he craves for them.

I prefer to boil my dumplings and eat them with a black vinegar dip. I like to serve pan fried or deep fried dumplings as appetisers at parties.

I used to make the dumpling wrappers but have been buying them from the supermarket or Chinese grocery shop so as to save time. I would buy both the white round ones and the yellow (egg added to the dough) round ones.

Do not leave the dumpling wrappers in the open air for too long because the edges will start to dry out. Cover them with a damp towel as you work and freeze any unused dumpling wrappers in an airtight sealed plastic bag.

Be creative with the fillings. I use all sorts of meat (pork, chicken, beef) combine with vegetables (cabbage, leek, spring onion, carrot, pumpkin) and/or prawn, black fungus mushrooms.

Prawn and pork dumplings

Ingredients for Meat Filling (for 2 - 3 people) :
500g minced meat
300g prawns
100g spring onion /leek /cabbage (chopped) - optional
20g ginger (minced) - optional
4 cloves garlic (minced) - optional

Seasonings (according to one's taste) :
soy sauce
cooking wine
sesame oil
chicken stock granules - optional


1.   In a large bowl, add soy sauce, cooking wine, sesame oil, pepper, chicken stock granules, spring onions, ginger and garlic to the minced meat. Mix them well.

2.   Take a wrapper and place some filling at the centre. Fold together and pinch the wrapper from the middle to seal the two sides.

3.   Fold two pleats on each side of the pinched centre to seal in the filling. You will have a pretty fan-shaped dumpling.

4.   Sprinkle some cornflour over the dumplings to prevent sticking. Space out the dumplings, do not let them stick together.

5.  Boil a large pot of water and throw the dumplings in. The dumplings are usually done when they float to the top and look transparent. If using frozen dumplings, they may need a longer time to cook.

6.   Scoop out the boiled dumplings. Serve dumplings with some black vinegar and young ginger shreds.

Freezing Chinese dumplings

Sprinkle cornflour over the dumplings to prevent them sticking together. Pack 10 dumplings in a box each and store them in a freezer. You can take them out and cook delicious dumpling dishes with them.

How to serve your Chinese dumplings?

A quick meal on its own - my Chinese dumpling soup with a plate of stir-fry vegetables.

Chinese dumplings noodles in chicken soup

You can add some Tom yum paste and have a spicy noodle soup base.

pan fried Chinese dumplings

我儿子喜欢吃饺子。我一有空就会包饺子, 一次包大约100个, 把它们冰冻起来, 儿子想吃就自己弄来吃。饺子的吃法非常多,可以清蒸,可以油炸,除此之外还可以水煮。我有时一个人懒得做饭, 就自己下一碗水饺, 蘸着醋来吃。

饺子制作简单, 以前我都喜欢自己擀饺子皮自己包饺子。现在为了省时间, 我买现成的饺子皮比较方便。呵呵。。。

饺子是春节过年的传统美食, 把馅料放入饺子皮包起来的过程寓意招财进宝。有大陆的朋友说,吃水饺主要是希望往后的日子财源滚滚。哈哈哈。。。那一定要多吃饺子!

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