Friday, September 23, 2016

Bibimbap Eastcoastlife - Korean Mixed Rice 家常韩式拌饭

Whenever my son says he wants to eat bibimbap, I would gladly prepare it for him because he usually doesn't eat his vegetables. But when I serve bibimbap with lots of vegetables, he readily eats everything in his bowl.

Bibimbap is an easy-to-prepare, healthy and absolutely delish Korean dish! If you don't add in the meat, it is a healthy vegetarian dish.

My bibimbap is a little time consuming because I have several vegetables and I have to cut them into strips.

Bibimbap (serves 3)
Ingredients :
3 rice bowls steamed white rice
purple cabbage
red pepper
2 eggs - make an omelette

Non-vegetarian version :
200 g pork fillet - cut into strips
Marinate with Korean BBQ sauce, pepper, minced ginger, sesame oil, sugar.
You may substitute with beef or chicken.

Seasoning :
gochujang sauce
sesame oil

For garnishing :
toasted seaweed strips
roasted sesame seeds

1.  You just need a little of each vegetable, blanch them. Cut all the vegetables and omelette into strips.

2.   Stir fry the pork fillet with garlic and onion.

3.   In a big bowl, put in the steamed white rice first. Drizzle some aromatic  sesame oil over the rice. Add pepper.

4.   Arrange the various vegetables and omelette individually in a circle on top of the rice.

5.   Squeeze some spicy-sweet gochujang sauce in the centre.

6.   Place the meat on top of the gochujang sauce and cover with toasted sea weed strips.

7.   Sprinkle roasted sesame seeds over the dish. You are ready to serve.

When the dish is served, my son will mix everything in the bowl with his chopsticks or spoon. Looks messy but it tastes delicious. It's a joy to see him eat up everything.

Even my hubby loves it. See! He is scrapping every grain of rice in the rice cooker for his second helping. haha......

儿子喜欢吃韩国料理, 尤其是韩国拌饭, 不时都要我煮。我也很乐意煮给他吃因为他不爱吃蔬菜, 难得他要吃这道加入最少五六种不同蔬菜的韩式拌饭。韩国拌饭是健康又美味的料理, 外观也非常精致诱人。

韩国拌饭很容易煮, 在家也能做出美味的韩式拌饭。在一个大碗公里盛白饭, 只要把自己喜爱的菜切成絲, 放在米饭上面, 再加自己喜爱的肉和拌饭酱, 用汤匙或筷子搅拌几下。看着儿子大口大口的吃韩式拌饭 。。。我好幸福! 呵呵 。。。

蔬菜切成絲 : 紫包菜、红辣椒、小南瓜、黄瓜、红萝卜、煎蛋等 + 韩国辣椒酱 + 麻油