Thursday, July 14, 2016

Singapore's Youngest Teochew Opera Performer Goh Wee Ann 新加坡年龄最小的潮剧演员

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Life has not changed much for Singapore's youngest Teochew opera performer Goh Wee Ann since she burst into the limelight in June this year. I caught up with the family when I went to watch them perform on 2nd July at Marine Parade Community Centre.

Her mother Madam Chua said she does not show Wee Ann the media interviews, also her daughter is probably too young to know what is happening.


Wee Ann's grandmother brought her along to Joo Chiat Teochew Opera for her singing practices when she was three. She would sit by the side and observe the practices, at the same time learning from the teachers.

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The family discovered her talent for Teochew opera when she started correcting her grandmother's Teochew pronunciation and pointing out when she skipped lyrics in her singing. Wee Ann has a good memory, she can memorise the songs after listening to it twice.

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A teacher decided to rope her in for a role in a Teochew opera performance. She learnt the scrip in two weeks and her Teochew dialect was impeccable. For a child who does not speak a word of Teochew at home, she is truly amazing.

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Wee Ann enjoyed performing and is a natural in front of the camera. She made all those poses for me whenever I aimed my camera at her, I didn't have to tell her what to do.

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I met Wee Ann's father and great grandmother, the 4-generation family loves Teochew opera. They are very supportive of Wee Ann's interest and would let her perform as long as she enjoys doing it..

新加坡年龄最小的潮剧演员吴委恩(4岁)小妹妹和妈妈蔡宛玲及外婆李炎珍一起参与潮剧表演。7月2日我去马林百列联络所观赏潮剧表演, 委恩和妈妈母女两人表演《桃花过渡》, 渡伯则由如切潮剧团新秀杨家胜扮演。

自3岁起学习潮剧的吴委恩, 是如切潮剧团年龄最小的潮剧演员。她记忆力很好, 潮曲听了两次就能记得。这个小不点儿在家里, 是一句潮州话都不会讲喔。

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